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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Helpful translator

This web site provides quick translation from one language into another. I am using the Web to write this post. I type the text in my native language. The result of the translation into English you are now reading.

The three main fetures this web site are:

- Instant translation

- Find translation

- Suggest translation

Instant translation

Allows you to the current translation for 15 languages (up to 400 characters). Choose your language, enter text and select the language you want to translate the text. Almost at the moment, you'll get a translation.

Supported languages:

- Czech

- Danish

- German

- English

- Spanish

- Finnish

- French

- Croatian

- Italian

- Dutch

- Norwegian

- Polish

- Portuguese

- Russian

- Swedish

An example of translation from English to Italian and Russian:

E: I want to translate this text

I: Voglio la traduzione di questo testo

R: Я хочу перевести этот текст

Find translation

You can find the real interpreter and arrange translation.

Suggest translation

A place to sign interpreters who want to offer translations.

Web Address:

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Website translation services said...

Oh' this helpful translator looks so cool! I want to try it this weekend. Thanks for sharing.