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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oes Tsetnoc - Seo Contest

Oes Tsetnoc - what it is? Accidentally I came on one blog with this title and learned, Oes Tsetnoc is Seo Contest in reverse order.

The Targeted Key Phrase for this SEO Contest is:
  • Oes Tsetnoc

Winner is a person who will be first in Google Google's organic SERPs for the targeted keyword Oes Tsetnoc. The main prize is a $1,000.00 Cash. For 2nd Place prize is $300.00 and for 3rd place prize is $200.00. The contest starts on September 10, 2009 and ends on December 15, 2009. Maybe is not too late to catch the train!!!

More information about Oes Tsetnoc contest and how to sign in find on promojunkie web page

Oes Tsetnoc - 16/09/2009 - Beggining

First, I will try register to Oes Tsetnoc competition (if it is not too late). Later, I will inform you what is going on.

Oes Tsetnoc - 17/09/2009 - Few tips

I haven't get notification from Oes Tsetnoc that I am joined in contest. Still waiting...
Good news, Google is indexed my Oes Tsetnoc web page and my position today is 16th.

Oes Tsetnoc statistics can be seen here using the following search string:

My approach is that Oes Tsetnoc keywords are first two words in title (keyword prominence). Those keywords you can find in URL of page too, Keywords in URL can be very important in google ranking search result page. And "Oes Tsetnoc" keywords are repeated in article which is important for keyword density.

Oes Tsetnoc - 18/09/2009 - Link building I

Today I promote Oes Tsetnoc post through Digg, Delicious and StumbleUpon. My mission is to get more backlins. I tried to find web sites who are interested to link my post in exchange to bi mentioned in list bellow.

There is a list of Oes Tsetnoc competitors who agree to link this post:

If you want to be in this list, leave a oes tsetnoc backlink in your blog, leave a comment in this post to inform me and I will link you back.

My position today is 17th in google search result page for term "oes tsetnoc". No response from promojunkie about registration to oes tsetnoc contest

Oes Tsetnoc - 19/09/2009 - Registering

Finally I found myself in promojunkie result page. Now, I am officially competitor. My position drop down on 19th position.

Oes Tsetnoc - 19/09/2009 - Down, down, down

My rank in Oes Tsetnoc contest is rapidly falling down. Now my position is 71st place. Why?

I believe it is a result of my SEO (de)optimization day before. Probably Google algorithm recognize SEO change as unwanted.
What to do?
First, I will sit down and cry for few hours. Then, my intention is to wait a few day and track position in Google SERP. If page position will not go up, I will undone my yesterday action, and see what is going to happen.

Oes Tsetnoc - 25/09/2009 - Bottom

In this moment this page is very low, below 400th position for Oes Tsetnoc term. Hardly position can be worst. Today, I undone my optimization done week ago.

Firstly, my optimization was to surround every oes tsetnoc words with <span> and </span> tags. It appears to be bad SEO optimization. We will see if better ranking will come.

Backlink : Webmaster Forum


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