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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

E-books are King! Finally They Pass Up Paperbacks in Sales

Guest post by: Rodney

In a huge bit of tech news today, E-book sales actually passed paperback books in total sales for the first time.  The study by the Association of American Publishers showed that E-books exploded during the month of February due to holiday gifts such as Kindles and various other readers.  It is amazing that we have already begun to see the change over that was made years ago for other types of media such as music.  It is only a matter of time before we erase the need for books completely it would seem.

While this feels sad in some ways, there are some wonderful reasons to embrace the new revolution of electronic words.  Here are some great reasons to embrace the technology:

  • Kindles and e-readers are lightweight and easy to carry around. This means that kids at school will no longer have to lug around huge book bags.  You can carry around your books with a simple pocket.

  • Kids will no longer have any excuses for “forgetting” their textbooks.  Homework completion will have to go up.

  • E-readers are the perfect way to broaden your horizons.  You can quickly and easily pull up the classics and usually for free.

  • E-books are flexible in that you can increase or decrease font size, etc.  For those people that have vision problems, the ability to change the size of the text is huge.  Finding some books in large print are nearly impossible.

  • E-books allow the average writer a chance to break into the “big-time” in the writing world.  If you are trying to get in, then you can relate to this advantage for sure.

  • Books that would not have made it to print because of production costs can now make it.  Digital expenses are much cheaper than printing on traditional paper.

  • Books will be cheaper and you can buy more of them.  While this is likely to change and adapt, the simple fact is the reduction in printing costs are going to keep costs low.  This is good news for all readers.

  • The depth and breadth of information available to our students should increase as well.  Organizing lesson plans, putting together class projects, pulling in literature and so on should all be much easier and productive in a digital reading format.  Everyone can be on point at the same time.

  • Less paper and glue to make books means more trees and less environment destruction.  With the way our natural habitats are being destroyed, we are sure to run out at some point.  This is a natural and clear way to help with this problem.  The best part is, we lose absolutely nothing in doing so.

  • Finally, E-readers are simply compact and will create tons of space in your living areas.  I know that if I eliminated all the books I have in my home, I could add another child to our mix with no problem from a space standpoint.  Making things less crowded is always a good thing.

While books will be missed and will likely always play some role in our entertainment world, the E-readers and E-books of the world are welcome additions as well.

Rodney is a freelance writer and sports columnist based in North Carolina.  Rodney is a regular contributer of technology articles, such as comparing Direct TV and Dish Network.


Ramiro said...

This is great news. I just opened an eBook store (I have 50 products uploaded so far).

You made my day.

Kászon Kovács said...

I think practically all the above arguments are valid; specially the one with the text size increasing possibility is really great. Nevertheless I would like to add an argument in favor of having (certain) paper books, that is not a purely "sentimental" one.

Having the (paper) books around in your real 3D space reminds you permanently of their existence. If the books in question serve as tools in your work/life, it might be practical/desirable that they are always "there". For instance your eyes might fall inn a critical moment on a title you have read 10 years ago and the remembering might suddenly create new associations/ideas. Also your kids are growing up seeing these books; the potential positive effects achieved hereby are unpredictable.
Maybe one day we will have wall-sized virtual bookshelfs with book-sized images of our e-books, and this will serve the same purpose; I don´t know.
regards: Kászon