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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Which Web Development Apps Are Worth Learning

Now more than ever, web designers are expected to have at least a basic knowledge of every aspect of the business. Web development apps can help you cover a part of the design process where your skills may be lacking.

The business of web design is getting increasingly more complicated. While it used to be enough to know HTML, design, and basic programming languages, there are also a host of other design issues that individuals working in the business should have at least a working knowledge of. While it is always best to know how to do as much of this yourself as possible, web development applications can be a great way to fill in the gaps in your web design education. In addition, there are a great many applications which can make the design process quicker, easier and more efficient, even for seasoned website design professionals. Here are the ones you need to know about.

One great web development app is a layout builder. These apps allow web developers to fill in the blanks when formatting the layout of a web page and usually offer hundreds of options for pre-designed layouts. These programs act as essential “blueprints” for creating web pages.

There are a number of coding and code assistance programs available for various types of coding that allow web designers to simplify and reduce the amount of code that is needed to build a web page. These programs are important because they allow for easier maintenance of web pages in the future.

Image maintenance and organization tools are also great tools for website design. Ranging from simple to incredibly complex sprite creation tools, these apps allow you to make the design aspect of your job a lot easier. Perhaps one of the more important tools for many designers, these apps help individuals prevent costly mistakes that might occur as well as to quickly update web pages in the future.

A number of debugging tools are available which help web design professionals to organize and analyze various types of code, such as Javascript or CSS. These tools are also great in that they can make the process of diagnosing issues on a web page much quicker and easier. These tools also allow you to more quickly resolve a particular issue or to update code in the future without having to do massive amounts of rewriting.

Although these are only a small sampling of the apps that you might want to consider learning, when trying to decide which apps to learn always remember that the choice is one that is personal to you as a designer. Look for apps that will help you to learn or work in areas of web design and development that are weak points for you.

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