Monday, May 25, 2009

Top 10 things you can do with Wolfram Alpha

After some research of Wolfram examples I have find those 10 most interesting examples to share with the world. Some examples are useful and some are interesting. Examples are sorted by relevance. First example is most interesting and so on.

  1. Get data about recent earthquakes - really impressive, you can see earthquakes in world map in last 24 hours (or broader time interval) by magnitude.

    Example : earthquakes

    To see you need to type earthquakes in wolfram alpha

  2. Earthquakes in wolfram

  3. Get salary data for a given occupation - Enter word salary and occupation. You will get salary data for entered occupation (median wage, history, people employeed ...).

    Example : salary progammer

  4. Generate report for life expectancy - You will get median life expectancy, highest(with country)life expectancy, and lowest life expectancy. There are also life expectancy rankings by countries and more demographics data

  5. Example :

    • life expectancy

    • life expectancy in Andora

  6. Rank countries - you can rank countries by some criteria

  7. Example :

    • 5 richest countries

    • 5 poorest country

    You get first 5 countries by GDP per capita, by GDP and by poverty fraction.

    5 richest coutries by wolfram

  8. Country comparison - compare two countries (by location, area, demographic data, economic)

    Example: America, India

  9. Find the definition of a word - enter definition and word you want to define

    Example: define soldier

    Result: soldier - serve as a soldier in the military

  10. Find words matching a pattern - write word and with exchanged letters with low line. This can be very helpful if you can't remember the word.

    Example: _oun_e_

    Wolfram will return:

    b | o | u | n | c | e | r
    b | o | u | n | c | e | s
    b | o | u | n | d | e | d
    b | o | u | n | d | e | n
    b | o | u | n | d | e | r
    c | o | u | n | s | e | l
    c | o | u | n | t | e | d
    c | o | u | n | t | e | r...

  11. Find anagrams of word - type "anagrams" and desired word

    Example : smart

    Wolfram will return : marts and trams

  12. Compute a time difference - type Date to Date and you will get time difference.

    Example: Mar 21, 2009 to Sep 7, 2009

  13. Wolfram alpha return 5 months 17 days

  14. Do a mortgage computation - you can calculate monthly payments, mortgage totals and payments and balances. Very nice.

    Example: mortgage 100,000 Euros, 7%, 25 years

    Principal and interest in wolfram

Wolfram Alpha (also written WolframAlpha and Wolfram Alpha) is an answer-engine. It is an online service that answers factual queries directly by computing the answer from structured data, rather than providing a list of documents or web pages that might contain the answer as a search engine might.

My main objection on Wolfram Alpha is that I couldn't find list for some term. For example I wanted to get list of all occupations but didn't find a way. If you enter pharmacist in Wolfram it knows that it is occupation. Same thing for animals, dinosaurs...

Of course Wolfram Alpha can do many other things but those I found most interesting.

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