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Monday, September 3, 2012

Increase website traffic

If you want to have successful and high traffic web site or blog read this article and you will find a few advices.

Advices for increasing web traffic:

  • Make sure Google indexed your web site - find out how to know does Google indexed your site and tips for submitting a request for Google crawler

  • Learn how to make keyword research - choosing the right keywords for your article could be a key for making top ranking article. Follow the link and learn what free keyword research tools exists on the web and how to use them.

    Find directly competing pages with Google operator allinanchor for optimized keyword research

  • Basic web page optimization techinques - a short tutorial about most essential things you should know when optimize you web page for increasing web traffic such as: title tags, URL keyword optimization, keyword position on web page, keyword density, keyword proximity...
    On page optimization

  • Use google search operators for Seo - find what are google search operators and how to use them for increasing visits on your web site

  • How to analyze and improve bounce rate - Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who entered the site on a page and left right away. Bounce rate should be lower as possible. Learn how to measure, track and improve bounce rate.

  • Increase blogger traffic change title - Here is simple procedure which help me to significantly increase blogger traffic which can be applied for other types of web sites too.

  •    [Post title]: [Blog title]

       Title is important

  • Tips for increasing website traffic from best - advices for increasing web traffic from successful blogger Ana Hoffman.

  • Make blog plan for next year - Here is some of my thoughts what to do for more vistis on your blog or web site.

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