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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Adding categories to blogspot (blogger)

If you want to add categories to the blogger as in the picture, read the instructions in this post.
For example if you click on "Useful website" you will get a list of all the posts that are in category Useful website and if you click on the blog tutorial you will get all posts related to the blog tutorial.

The purpose of adding a category is sort of articles by category. Adding a category of your blog becomes easier to browse.

You can write your own HTML to add category links one by one (take a look at topic Creating HTML with category list) or you can use Labels gadget (this is simple method).

Find more blogspot advices on this blog!

The process of adding categories

1. Creating a label for posts

First, you need to add a label posts. Label is added by entering text in the textbox which is located at the bottom of the screen for writing or editing posts (Potsting-->Create or Posting-->EditPosts, see picture).

For example, I entered the label "blog-tutorial" for my post.

2. Creating a Page element category

You can use Labels gadget or write your own HTML to add category links one by one. Labels gadget is very simple to implement.

Adding Labels gadget to blog

1. Go to Layout.

2. Click on Add Gadget.

3. Select Labels Gadget

Add label page element

4. Enter title, chose to show all labels or only selected labels, sorting type. You can show number of posts per label by clicking check box and display labels as a list or cloud.

Edit Labels gadget on blogger

Result should look something like this:

Categories on blogspot blog created with Labels gadget

Write your own HTML to add category links

If you want more control you can write your own HTML code. HTML with category list should look like this:

<li><a href="/search/label/[LABEL]">[TEXT]</a>  </li>
<li><a href="/search/label/[LABEL]">[TEXT]</a>  </li>

You should replace [LABEL] and [TEXT] elements.

[LABEL] is label you have entered for the post. For example blog-tutorial.

[TEXT] is text you want to be showed in the categories. For example blog tutorial.

Here is example of my HTML category list code when I replaced [TEXT] and [HTML] elements.

<li><a href="/search/label/webs">Useful webs</a>  </li>
<li><a href="/search/label/blog-tutorial">Blog tutorial</a>  </li>

I have posts with label "webs" and with label "blog-tutorial". When somebody click on Useful webs link then will be shown all posts that have "webs" label.

You should put your own labels. For more categories you should add new

<li><a href="/search/label/[LABEL]">[TEXT]</a>  </li>

Adding HTML or JavaScript to blog

Now we have to add this HTML code to blog.

1. Go to Layout.

2. Click on Add Gadget.

3. Select HTML/JavaScript.

4. Enter a title "Categories" and copy and paste HTML category list code in content box with replaced [LABEL] and [TEXT] elements. Save this and now you have categories.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Free bookmark web manager and personal startpage

Interesting for: common web users, anybody

Very useful web site where you can store and organize your favorite Web addresses. The main idea is to create categories and under categories save a list of Web addresses of your favorite websites.
For example, you can create a category of Sports and under this category to put a link to Or you can put more links under Sports. You can also create and other categories.
The process of creating categories and links is very simple and user frinedly.

Why this site is interesting?

Because you can have a list of web addresses on the Internet so that the list can be accessed from other computers and locations. You need only to remember the address. It is a advance in relation to the Favorites offered by various web browsers.

Web address :

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Helpful translator

This web site provides quick translation from one language into another. I am using the Web to write this post. I type the text in my native language. The result of the translation into English you are now reading.

The three main fetures this web site are:

- Instant translation

- Find translation

- Suggest translation

Instant translation

Allows you to the current translation for 15 languages (up to 400 characters). Choose your language, enter text and select the language you want to translate the text. Almost at the moment, you'll get a translation.

Supported languages:

- Czech

- Danish

- German

- English

- Spanish

- Finnish

- French

- Croatian

- Italian

- Dutch

- Norwegian

- Polish

- Portuguese

- Russian

- Swedish

An example of translation from English to Italian and Russian:

E: I want to translate this text

I: Voglio la traduzione di questo testo

R: Я хочу перевести этот текст

Find translation

You can find the real interpreter and arrange translation.

Suggest translation

A place to sign interpreters who want to offer translations.

Web Address: