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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Web Application For Managing SQL Server data

    Web application for managing SQL Server data

  • Insert, Update, Delete records

  • Map referencing columns for easier record editing

  • Quick record search

  • Execute any query against database

Find demo:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How Above The Fold Ads Reduce Google Traffic

This article is written for bloggers and website owners who have lost significant number of visitor on the beginning of 2012 year or finding their traffic reduced after adding large block of ads in above the fold area.

On January 19 2012 Google announced change in their algorithm. This change affects the web sites and blogs which have too much ads in the above the fold area. Change is called "page layout algorithm". Google check how much content is placed above the fold area. More content in above the fold area, better.

Why Google check above the fold area

The reason is complaints from users who have difficult to find the actual content and must scrolling down the page. Users want to see content right away, not bellow tons of ads. So Google wants to improve user experience.

Which sites will have traffic reduced?

  • Google "page layout algorithm" does not affect sites which place ads above-the-fold to a normal degree

  • sites where is hard to find actual original content

  • Google traffic will be reduced for sites where relevant content is pushed down by large blocks of ads

  • on sites where only a small amount of visible content located above the fold

  • "page layout algorithm" change affects less than 1% of globally searches

  • be careful with your header, if it is too big it take precious space and push the contend down

Good tool to estimate do you have content in above the fold area is Google Browser Size. This tool help to understand how much of a page’s content is visible to visitors under various screen resolutions. Type URL of your blog, click Go and take a look does you content is visible for specific resolution.

I learn about this topic from kezanari blog and later one more excellent in depth article at search engine land.

This is how my blog look before I make changes to adapt to push up content in above the fold area

Click on image to enlarge:
My blog with AdSense 300x250 Rectangle in above the fold area. Content is under the ad. It is viewed with Google Browser.

My blog traffic was reduced after "page layout algorithm" started. This image above was taken with the help of Google Browser Size.

From the image we can learn:

  • Only 90% of visitors will see content title ("How To Send Money Online") without scrolling down. So 10% of visitors will have scroll down to see title.

  • Only 80% of visitors will see content title and first sentence without scrolling down

  • 70% of visitors will see content title and first two lines without scrolling

After adjustment to avoid Google traffic reduce

Click on image to enlarge:
My blog after contend moved up in Above the fold area

When you enlarge image and look carefully you can conclude that:

  • 99% of visitors will see the title and first two lines of content

  • 98 % of visitors will see the title and fist three lines of content, "sending money online" is last sentence they will see

  • 95% of visitors will see the title and fist six lines of content...

This is example of my blog which will not get Google penalty from "page layout algorithm". But this is my blog after I make changes on layout to move content closest to above the fold area.

Reduced Google traffic on my blog

My blog had significant traffic loss after January 19 2012, around 25% loss in pageviews. Also, I noticed fall of PageRank on some pages on my blog. I believe this reduced traffic is a result of "page layout algorithm".

Click on image to enlarge:
My blog suffered from reduced Google traffic after Google page layout algorithm change in the beginning of 2012

When traffic will be restored

When reduced traffic will be restored and google penalty removed? Unfortunately not immediately!

If you fix a problem (reduce the number of Ads in above the fold area) Google will make note on first re-crawl. But penalty on site will be removed after several weeks.

It can take several weeks for Googlebot to crawl and process enough pages to reflect layout changes on the site

My intention is to follow the traffic and to update this article after traffic will change.

Please do comment and leave your opinion and experience with "page layout algorithm".

Monday, February 13, 2012

How To Send Money Online

Recently I created account on PayPal and tested next two features:

  • sending money online

  • create and use buy now button

In this article I will briefly explained how sending money and buy now button works, how much does it cost (fees) and who is paying fees.

Send money online with PayPal

To send money with PayPal first you need to login on PayPal service. Of course if you are not registered on PayPal then you should Sign Up first.

Choose Send Payment tab.

Choose Send Payment tab on PayPal service page

In next step you need to:
  • 1. Type Email of recipient

  • 2. Enter Amount of money you want to send and currency

  • 3. Choose whether your online sending money is Online purchase or Personal payments and check exactly purpose. For Online purchases it can be: Goods, Services or eBay items. For Personal payments it can be: Shared expenses, Payment owed, Rental charges or Others.
Send money with PayPal. Enter email, amount and purpose.

How much does it cost to send money online with PayPal

When you use a credit or debit card, you will be charged with 2.9% of the total amount sent plus $0.30 USD per transaction.

I make a test and try to send payment of $1 to PayPal account in same country and was charged with $0.33.

$0.30 USD per transaction
$0.03 USD as 3.1% of total amount
Total: $0.33 USD fee

Create and place Buy Now button on your site

With PayPal you can easily create Buy Now button. From PayPal site you can generate HTML code for Buy Now button, place this button on your site and start to sell to your visitors. You can sell material goods and send them using standard delivery or sell services and digital goods (e-books for example).

To find out how to make Buy Now button visit How to sell an ebook with paypal.

How much does it cost to sell items with PayPal Buy now button

For a testing purpose I make one Buy now button and put a price of $1 USD. My friend was making a purchase for $1 USD. He (buyer) doesn't need to pay any fee.
In this example seller received $0.67 USD
Fee is $0.30 USD per transaction
plus $0.03 USD as 3.1% of total amount.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

There Is No Donate PayPal Type Button

How to add donate button on my site or blog?

And one more question

I have PayPal donation button on my site but when someone try to donate to me money he get message: "Your recipient is not able to receive funds at this time. Your recipient must first set up his or her account to receive funds."

I tried to create Donate PayPal button but I didn't fund option to create Donate button anywhere on the PayPal account when I was logged in. It should be at
My Account --> Profile -- My selling tools --> PayPal buttons --> Update --> Create New Button
but there you can choose only Shopping Cart, Buy Now, Gift certificates or Subscriptions button type. My PayPal account type is Premier.

Why Donate button type doesn't exists?

Where to find PayPal donate button? I have error: Your recipient is not able to receive funds at this time. Your recipient must first set up his or her account to receive funds.

Because word "Donate" is reserved for a charity and Paypal doesn't allow Donate button in some countries (usually it is due to local legal/tax requirements incompatible with PayPal's mechanism).

How to add Donate button

On internet I found advice to go on:

without logging in. Then I create donate button, copy HTML code and paste it on my blog. Donate button appeared on my blog.

When I ask my friend to try sending me some funds for testing purpose he get this error:

"Your recipient is not able to receive funds at this time. Your recipient must first set up his or her account to receive funds."

Cause of this error in my case is PayPal does not support Donate button for some countries, in this case PayPal doesn't support donate button for my country.

Solution for "Your recipient is not able to receive funds at this time" error with Donate button

You can solve this problem with choosing Buy Now button type instead of Donate button type. PayPal says:

We can't quite recommend using "buy now" button to accept donations, but from technical perspective it should be working correctly. Such transaction will also show as purchase on the donor's account and credit card statement, which may be confusing.

So, they tolerate this approach, it is not perfect but it will do.

I will not going in details how to generate PayPal Buy Now button. Here is an excellent link which in details describe how to make your own Buy now button step by step with images : How to sell an ebook with paypal.