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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Open localhost web aplication on iphone from your local IIS

Find how to open and test your ASP.NET application located on your Win 7.0 from your iPhone.

  • 1. turn on WLAN on your PC

  • 2. place your ASP.NET application on your IIS 7.0
    For example I deployed simple WebTest ASP.NET application to my IIS 7.0. Try click "Browse *:80 (http)" from IIS to be sure your application properly running

  • 3. find your computer IPv4 Address
    - open Command Prompt (All Programs --> Accessories --> Command Prompt)
    - type ipconfig
    - remember IPv4Address (in format 192.x.x.x)

  • 4. try to open your ASP.NET application from your PC
    - instead of localhost type IPv4Address, in my case it is "http://192.x.x.x/WebTest/"
    - if it works proceed to next step

  • 5. connect your iPhone to your WLAN
    - on your iPhone: Settings --> Wi-Fi
    - Wi-Fi should be "ON" and you need to choose your WLAN Network

  • 6. try to type address in your browser on your iphone (in my example something like this "http://192.x.x.x/WebTest/")

  • 7. if "http://192.x.x.x" open IIS page on your iphone but "http://192.x.x.x/WebTest/" (of course WebTest is in only in my example) does not open web application try open Control Panel --> Window Firewall --> Allow a Program through Windows Firewall
    - in "Allowed programs" click "Change setting" button and check "World Wide Web Services (HTTP)" and "Home/Work (Private)"
    - after this change you should see your web applicatio in your iPhone browser