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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Website Structure Advice

Guest post

There are several types of websites on the internet. Some websites are selling a product or service while others are more informational. Whichever type you are creating, the text should be concise, short, and to the point, and the website itself should be well structured.

No matter what type of website you are creating, know your target audience (a stay-at-home mom, business community, sports fans, artists, etc.) and adapt your website as specifically as possible to the audience you desire to reach. Knowing your audience makes it easier to write text for your website that is effective, appropriate, and interesting.

Before creating your website there are various questions you need to ask yourself. Why is this website being created? What do I plan to accomplish with the creation of this website? Who is my target audience? How do I communicate most effectively, with words, graphics, video, audio? How do I capture my audience?

A website is composed of a series of individual pages. No matter what type of website you are creating, your site should be well organized. Before creating your site, decide on the how it should be structured.

A website structure is basically made of first page (referred to as the home page and/or index page), the next level down known as the "main sections", and the third level down referred to as subsections and/or content pages. Try to imagine your website as a hierarchy of pages, with your home page located at the top.

The home page should be short and to the point. This is the front door of your presence online, the first impression of your site to the majority of your website's visitors. This is the page that will capture the reader’s interest and give them reason to go deeper into your website.

The main section pages should contain the overview of the general topics your website covers. For example, if you own a website that is selling doors, this would be where you would list the various types of doors that you are selling but not yet sharing the details of a specific model of door.

The subsection pages are where you offer the specific details. Using the same example as above, if you own a website that is selling doors this is the level where you list the detail description of each door, a picture of the door, the cost of the door, etc.

Some people sketch out a diagram of what they want their website structure to look like on a piece of paper. I prefer to use index cards to get an idea of how the website structure will look since they can more easily be moved around. Once you have the index cards in the structure fashion that you want, sketch the diagram on a sheet of paper to capture the layout of the index cards. Then, you can get work!

Bio: Kate Forester writes about web hosting providers, web design tools and other online products and services for

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

E-books are King! Finally They Pass Up Paperbacks in Sales

Guest post by: Rodney

In a huge bit of tech news today, E-book sales actually passed paperback books in total sales for the first time.  The study by the Association of American Publishers showed that E-books exploded during the month of February due to holiday gifts such as Kindles and various other readers.  It is amazing that we have already begun to see the change over that was made years ago for other types of media such as music.  It is only a matter of time before we erase the need for books completely it would seem.

While this feels sad in some ways, there are some wonderful reasons to embrace the new revolution of electronic words.  Here are some great reasons to embrace the technology:

  • Kindles and e-readers are lightweight and easy to carry around. This means that kids at school will no longer have to lug around huge book bags.  You can carry around your books with a simple pocket.

  • Kids will no longer have any excuses for “forgetting” their textbooks.  Homework completion will have to go up.

  • E-readers are the perfect way to broaden your horizons.  You can quickly and easily pull up the classics and usually for free.

  • E-books are flexible in that you can increase or decrease font size, etc.  For those people that have vision problems, the ability to change the size of the text is huge.  Finding some books in large print are nearly impossible.

  • E-books allow the average writer a chance to break into the “big-time” in the writing world.  If you are trying to get in, then you can relate to this advantage for sure.

  • Books that would not have made it to print because of production costs can now make it.  Digital expenses are much cheaper than printing on traditional paper.

  • Books will be cheaper and you can buy more of them.  While this is likely to change and adapt, the simple fact is the reduction in printing costs are going to keep costs low.  This is good news for all readers.

  • The depth and breadth of information available to our students should increase as well.  Organizing lesson plans, putting together class projects, pulling in literature and so on should all be much easier and productive in a digital reading format.  Everyone can be on point at the same time.

  • Less paper and glue to make books means more trees and less environment destruction.  With the way our natural habitats are being destroyed, we are sure to run out at some point.  This is a natural and clear way to help with this problem.  The best part is, we lose absolutely nothing in doing so.

  • Finally, E-readers are simply compact and will create tons of space in your living areas.  I know that if I eliminated all the books I have in my home, I could add another child to our mix with no problem from a space standpoint.  Making things less crowded is always a good thing.

While books will be missed and will likely always play some role in our entertainment world, the E-readers and E-books of the world are welcome additions as well.

Rodney is a freelance writer and sports columnist based in North Carolina.  Rodney is a regular contributer of technology articles, such as comparing Direct TV and Dish Network.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Does content really make you money?

Guest post by: Paul

Everyone’s gone marketing crazy lately and I suppose I don’t blame them either. With more competition than ever you really have to work to get your site noticed online. For many webmasters this involves many hours/days of link begging until some blogger eventually gives in and links to you from their resources page (which is buried 10 levels deep from the homepage).

So the marketing side of being a webmaster is un-avoidable but I’ve noticed that many forget you need great content on your site if you expect visitors to convert into sales, either for yourself or your advertisers. How many times have you been to an ecommerce site that’s just had a bunch of technical info on each product that they got free from the manufacturer? I’m not sure why people think boring content increases sales but they seem too.

How about instead of some forgettable technical specs you shot a video of yourself using the product and explaining the features and benefits of it? People love to watch video online because it requires even less effort than reading, people are lazy and I include myself in that bracket. I know some webmasters are worried about how to put a video into web format and maybe also bandwidth costs. However this is no longer a realistic excuse because Youtube will now do it all for you including converting the video. All you have to do embed the video code on your site, plus you will attract visitors from people viewing it on Youtube too!

It’s not just video that can increase sales on your site, info-graphics are also great for explaining something complex quickly. If you’re not sure what an info-graphic is it’s just an image with lots of labels explaining a process, the key is to keep it light-hearted with cartoon characters and fun colours. Try not to let it become a power point slide, otherwise people will feel like they are at work!

The best reason to create useful content though is because long term it’s really the only strategy. Untimely at some point someone at Google may review your site and if you have a 1000 pages of junk you can’t really complain if your site disappears the next day. When it comes to quality creating something worthwhile is the best bet you can make.

I have more articles like this on my blog at earning money online which has lots of marketing advice for webmasters.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting an SEO Firm

Guest post by: Brian Waraksa

When an e-commerce business person want to start searching for a SEO company, they will both be very excited to get a marketing campaign started, and they will be overwhelmed with all of the choices available. They will more than likely go with the first company on their list, because they will be intimidated about their lack computer and internet marketing knowledge. The fact is that many business owners are intimidated about internet marketing, and they will want to turn this task over to anyone who claims to be a professional. While it might be tempting to trust anyone who posts a classified ad, and who claims to be a web design and SEO guru, there are some things that a smart consumer needs to watch out for, so that they aren't making mistakes that will cost time and money when selecting the right SEO marketing company.

First, one needs to make sure that when they are picking out a SEO marketing company, one should do a Google search on this company. The company should have a high page ranking. Think about it, if they can't even market themselves high on the search engines, what good are they really going to be for you and your business? Before an SEO company can make claims to put one's business high on the search engine rankings, they should be able to prove this with their own business rankings, right?

Another mistake to avoid when hiring a SEO company, is hiring a company that doesn't offer excellent customer service. Excellent customer service for web design, or for any internet services, is customer service that is available 24/7. This is because an e-commerce business person needs to make sure that all of their online processes are optimal at any time of day or night. The last thing that the business person needs is to find that their website isn't ranking high enough to be found, and they can't get the situation corrected. Every moment that a website isn't ranking high enough means lost revenues. The right SEO company understands this, and they will avail themselves to their clients at all times, especially if the company is also managing the web design as well.

One more mistake to avoid when hiring your next SEO company is to make sure that your company isn't hiding anything from you. This means that your potential company should be completely open with their processes, and they should be open with their previous clients. If the company has been around for a while, and if they have developed a great reputation, they should have some sterling clients on their list. Don't be afraid to ask for references. After all, why would you want to go into a situation blind? Why not ask for the opinions of those who have experienced the SEO marketing company that you are considering to launch your first campaign?

But there are other things you should beware too, check article Top 3 things to look out for when hiring a SEO company for more informations.

Brian Waraksa is founder and president of Raxa Design, which is a Houston graphic design, branding and marketing firm. Raxa Design also offers Houston SEO services
Raxa Design
2100 West Loop S # 900, Houston, TX 77027-3522
(832) 429-7292 ‎

Thursday, April 14, 2011

RSS Technology To Channelize Web Traffic

Guest post by: Nitin

Good web traffic to your website means good business. But unfortunately, diverting huge traffic to your website is not at all that easy. You may attract your customers with your services today, but in order to keep them coming back again and again, you need to constantly remind them about your online presence and excellence in your services. This is just where the RSS technology comes into the limelight.

Originally coined as “Real Simple Syndication”, RSS is also known as “Rich Site Summary” based on its function. The RSS Technology keeps the consumers informed and interested in your website by updating them with the new releases, recent posts and product details. This helps you strengthen your business bond with your consumers. RSS feeds are extremely important to keep a track about your web content, its online value and its importance for a surfer. As a result, it becomes essential for all online marketers to learn about RSS feeds and its use to divert web traffic to your websites.

Several popular daily magazines, news websites and also other companies use RSS Feeds to mail you newsletters about their new product launches and services. This seems quite an easy way to not just promote your website, but also impress the search engine bots. The main aim of search engines is to provide the latest news to their surfers. Hence, if you keep your website updated and also keep your customers revised about them, the search engines will ensure your site has a higher priority in the online web market.

For instance, if you are a fashionista always looking for the recent updates in the fashion world, you can simply subscribe yourself to the best fashion magazine and thereafter easily read all the fashion newsletters mailed by the magazine. This will help your stay updated about the new changes in the fashion world, while also boosting the online traffic to that magazine.

RSS Feeds offer several advantages. It helps create backlinks to your website consequently attracting the attention of the search engines and browsers, which in return ensure higher SERPs. FeedBurner and Google AdSense are two major companies that have invested greatly in this RSS technology. The RSS Aggregator is a form of software or a website that collects specific data from various sites. In simpler words, it allows various online sites to send their new updated content to their users using the RSS feed technology for free. The higher version of RSS aggregator is designed to automatically generate RSS feeds and mail it to an RSS aggregator after you have posted your update on the website.

Another advantage of RSS Feeds is that it assures you quick indexing of your recent website updates. This further helps boost your website ratings and hence increase your business returns. As a result, it is very important to cautiously select the RSS Feeds technology and services for your website.  So, make the right choice and see your online property rise above all its business barriers.

Nitin is a tech junkie and a blogging enthusiast. He spends most of his time planning the growth of his company-Offshore Ally. His company is one of the best providers of virtual assistant and link builders online. Connect with him via Twitter.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Art of Forum Marketing

Guest post by: Neil Jones

Forums are an asset to every serious marketer as they attract people from all walks of life and all parts of the world who have a common interest on a specific subject. A forum usually evolves into a community of friends who share their knowledge, expertise and experiences. It becomes an interactive society of people in a virtual setting.

Each forum adopts it own unique character that is often influenced by the members themselves and of course there are rules and regulations than have to be upheld to maintain order within this virtual community. One of the biggest obstacles faced by forum owners is the fight against spam: people and automated software that register with the sole purpose of obtaining a backlink to a site to drive traffic or for SEO purposes.

These members do not last long on the forums as they are usually banned before they turn the forum into a spam jungle. But spammers do not understand the value that a forum can inject in their marketing efforts if they actually approached forum marketing in an ethical manner. The amount of traffic that can be directed to a site from a relevant forum is incredible.

The Right Approach to Forum Marketing

Your first approach as a forum marketer will be to establish an element of rep power. Your credibility is what will essentially embolden your signature link within each of your posts. How to establish credibility?

  • Do not post replies or begin threads and ask people to visit your site
  • Offer valuable replies that will be remembered and will stand out
  • Treat people with respect and do not use your knowledge to criticize, but rather, use it to help people
  • Build relationships with long standing forum members to further establish yourself

Once you are comfortable in the forum environment and you feel a sense of belonging you can approach your marketing by replying to threads that are relevant to your niche. Again, add value by answering the questions posed with tact and ensure you provide information that is practical and can be applied in real life. This approach in itself will attract people to you and you will find the traffic gained from the forum will begin to increase.

Next, you should begin your own threads that directly relate to your personal experiences, and offer a detailed exposition on your problems and the solutions you have found. For example: if you are part of an internet marketing forum, and you have found success as an internet marketer, you can begin a thread entitled, “How I made my first $100 online”. You can subsequently provide step-by-step instructions on the process you followed and you can highlight the challenges you faced and how you overcame them.

People will begin to respect you even more and of course they will begin to visit your sites from you signature link.

This is all you need to do to gain exposure from the forum environment. The one common denominator is offering value. Value will help increase your credibility, it will gain you the trust of other members and it will position you as an authority in your niche. If you embrace this approach your member status will appreciate and so will the traffic to your website and there will be absolutely no need for you to tell people to click on the link in your signature. 


This is a Guest post by Neil Jones, who Specializes in launching ecommerce sites, he is currently plying his trade as head of marketing for eMobileScan. With 18 websites based all around Europe they are on course to be one of Europe’s largest online retailers of Industrial handheld computers like the Datalogic Memor and the Symbol MC70. Neil has been an online marketer for the past 6 years and in that time he has owned and run a range of sites all built around the ecommerce platform.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Email signature

How to create email signature for Outlook, Windows Live, Gmail or Yahoo Mail? In this short article you will find guidelines for adding signature to your mail.

How to create signature for Outlook

To learn how to add signature and for more information about signature in Outlook follow links:

Set Up Windows Live Hotmail Signature

Here is a link for Windows Live signature:

Add Yahoo mail signature

Links for implementing and changing Yahoo mail signature:

Adding a signature in Gmail

To implement a signature in Gmail follow links:

Monday, April 11, 2011

Beginners - Link Building Explained

Guest post by: AlexSimmonds

So, you’ve spent the last few weeks building your first website, either from scratch or using a Wordpress template. You’ve even gone so far as to have done some work on keyword research and optimized your site for certain phrases you know are relevant. Yet you’re still not showing up on the search engines. Your site is optimized, your keywords are correct and in the right place, you’ve organized your headers and tags, and you’re writing some awesome content. But no one is reading it. What now?

The next step on your SEO journey is to delve into the murky world of link building. For those of you who have been reading up on search engine optimization you will almost certainly have come across the term ‘backlink’ but might have wondered what exactly it meant. Well now is the time to roll your sleeves up and get to grips with backlinks, because when it comes to SEO the backlink is king.

Backlinks are essentially like friends. The more of them you have, the more popular you are (although some of them are actually no good for you and can get you in trouble.)  Also referred to as inbound links (IBL’s) they refer to other websites that link to your site. They are crucial for SEO purposes because many search engines, including Google, will allocate more credit to a site when indexing if it has a decent number of quality (the important word here) backlinks and therefore place it higher up the search engine results. However, the days when you could simply farm out link building to a link farm or link building company are over. As with all things SEO, too much abuse by webmasters has made it far harder to game the system now. Google has only recently adjusted their algorithm to ensure that link building and backlinks are about quality and not quantity. With this in mind, for those just starting out, here are a few tips on correctly building links to your site:

(1) Do Your Research – If you’re putting together a backlink strategy the first thing you should do is head to the sites of your competitors to see where their backlinks are coming from. If someone is willing to link to your competitors then their site will probably be of relevance to yours too, so they will probably be open to linking to you. Once you have established this, it is simply a case of offering better content than your competitor and approaching their website for a link. An easy way to do this back link research is to get hold of one of the many free tools out there such as SEO Spyglass or SEO Back Link Analyzer.

(2) Guest Posting – The easiest way to get quality back links. Find sites with a good reputation and high PR and who are open to guest posting. Then write an article which is of relevance and interest to their readers and submit it. In return they will normally give you a brief ‘author’s box’ in which you can have one link. Link to your site.

(3) Use Only Quality Backlinks – Quality not quantity is your mantra. Try to only go for quality backlinks, as they will bring much better link value to your site. If possible, stick to sites with a PR rating of 2+, that are a few years old and are genuine sites, not link farms, article farms or any other kind of farm. Similarly, make sure you link on a search phrase that is relevant to your site rather than having your anchor text as something like ‘click here.’ If possible, pick sites where they have very few other links on the page as these can dilute the strength of your ‘link juice.’

(4) Submit Your Site to Directories – less important than in previous years but there are still advantages to be had from submitting your site to as many directories as you can get your hands on. With many directory submission services out there you can delegate this job to someone else, although if you want to get in the highest quality and most reputable directories you’ll need to do it yourself – they don’t accept automatic submissions.

(5) Write Quality Content – This is along the lines of ‘build it and they will come.’ Google are changing their algorithm every few months to push higher quality content further up the search results. Good quality writing should always be the first aim of any site. Not only will it rank better, it will also attract people who actually want to read the stuff. They will recommend it to other people and hey presto, you’ve got natural links and some buzz about your article and site.

Alex Simmonds is a freelance journalist and copywriter. He currently writes a blog for the Bedouin Group on freelancing and the contracting sector, covering everything from taxation to umbrella companies.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Benefits of Keyword-Rich URLs for SEO

Guest post by Darenet

Something related to SEO practices is being studied and reported on every day. The term “Best SEO Practices” is thrown around with reckless abandon, and everyone thinks they know what the correct answer is. The latest tactic being considered is the benefit of having a keyword-rich URL.

Google has recently announced that they may focus on and penalize companies which do this, but that’s a debate for another occasion. It is a delicate balance between trying to create a keyword-rich URL and picking a domain name that best represents your particular brand or includes the name of your company, and there are arguments for each.

Why would you want to include your brand directly in your URL?

•The first reason is obvious; it’s as easy as heck to remember.
•Your brand would be staring customers right in the face at all times.
•It will reflect better on your professionalism than if you had

What are the reasons for wanting keywords in your URL?

•It gives potential customers their first glimpse into exactly what you offer.
•This is rather simple; if you have that URL, your competitors don’t have it. If your goal is to utilize your brand for your domain name, just purchase that keyword-rich URL, and then send it to your own domain name.
•The most obvious reason is that it will help you rank higher with the search engines.

What are some tips to help me select a great domain name?

•Your domain should have a minimum of one keyword: A website with a keyword in the URL gets an extra point from Google. This is a perfectly ethical tactic, and can greatly affect your organic SEO results. If your desired URL isn’t available, try adding a word before or after the keyword.
Try to avoid hyphens whenever possible: A URL containing a hyphen is easy for the search engines to figure out, but what about regular surfers? Try to avoid the possibility that they forget the hyphen or add it in the wrong location. The same often goes for the underscore character.

For example, a website built to help people find the best background check services in a given area would be pretty hard to remember by most people if it had all these words in its URL, plus hyphens, plus area name, wouldn’t it? So, keep it simple.

Choose common words: Certain words in our language are more prone to being misspelled than others, try to avoid those. Some people try to be creative and use odd or slang words. All that will accomplish is making your site invisible.
Promote a single domain: If you have multiple domains registered, try to promote just one and redirect the others. Search engines are even known to fine companies that engage in marketing their brand with multiple domains.

For guide on chose blogger post title check article: Increase blogger traffic - change title

Hope this has enlightented you.

Friday, April 8, 2011

What is SEO?

If you’ve spent a significant amount of time online developing your blog or website then you have undoubtedly heard the term “SEO” used. Unfortunately very few people truly understand what exactly SEO is. The simplest definition is simply the name; SEO stands for search engine optimization, which gives a very basic idea of what SEO is. In order to effectively utilize the principals of SEO however it is important to understand a little more about what exactly SEO is and how it works.

Traditionally SEO is simply used as a way to make keywords and search terms more noticeable through various methods. This is essentially just optimizing your site so that the things you want found are found more easily by search engines such as Google and Yahoo. How this is actually accomplished however can be quite complicated as there are dozens of effective SEO methods that are constantly changing.

Perhaps the most common SEO method involves paying for special advertising systems which essentially guarantee a site will be seen by search engines. Obviously these don’t guarantee any specific rankings or placement within the search engine but in most cases simply getting indexed or listed is enough for webmasters to be willing to pay for the service. Which method or system used also affects which search engines will actually find or index the sites as well; as expected Google, Yahoo, and other search engines all use different detection methods.

Other popular SEO methods simply involve building as large of a link system as possible. Search engines specifically look for links to and from your website so it only makes sense that webmasters do whatever they can to increase the number of incoming links. Often webmasters will even trade links with each other because in the end it helps everyone involved. Again there are quite a few factors involved when it comes to link building but overall the more you have the better off your site’s SEO will be.

Overall SEO is a very simple concept that can be very difficult to implement or improve. There are literally thousands of SEO methods available and unfortunately it can be very difficult to know for sure if they are successful due to the fact that search engines take some time to update. Also, because search engines are constantly changing how they manage and access websites there is never going to be a single SEO method that is 100% effective; to improve your site you will likely have to use a variety of SEO methods.

Jonathan is a journalist currently writing for Amazing News where he and others consistently provide heartwarming and cheerful news stories that can make your day better and brighter.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Facebook For Business – Does It Work?

Guest post by: Nitin Aggarwal

Sometimes I feel stupid, when this wee little thought   creeps over me that I am alone in this world. While everyone is going gaga over Facebook and how great it is for business, I seem to be making more enemies than friends. After mulling over this thought, I came to some conclusions which I want to share with you all.

Facebook is meant for social interaction

I like to check the status of all my friends before I do anything else on Facebook. It gives me a great thrill to know if someone has   become single all of a sudden – more grist for the rumor mill. I suspect most of the 400 or 800 or whatever millions of subscribers, are doing the same. Now where is the time to look up some serious stuff when you are having fun? When any of my friends want to sell their stuff using Facebook, I turn violent. In fact, I quickly switch my Smartphone off and turn it on only after the deadly feeling has gone away. I simply can’t buy into the logic that you can sell something on Facebook. If you do try selling despite all the warning signs, you will soon find yourself with no friends. Actually, it is simple to test this hypothesis. Just try and sell something to your friends on Facebook and you will find the truth.

The myth of Facebook as killer app for businesses

Have you ever noticed that a huge crowd collects in street corners when there seems to be something going on out there? This is purely a curious bunch of people with no real purpose. This crowd disappears as fast as it   collects and before you know it there is no one but you hanging around. This is what is happening on Facebook. Members crowd around a new app, say their two cents and disappear behind the wall. This is crowd behavior at its best (or at its worst). If you ask the same guys what they had done on Facebook a week earlier, they would give you a blank stare. You will then understand the meaning of collective amnesia. That’s why I say that Facebook as a business front is a myth.

The ‘Me Too’ phenomenon

If Facebook is useless for businesses, as I contend, then why are big corporate trying to climb on the Facebook bandwagon as if it were the last train out of the terminus? I believe it is the ‘Me Too’ phenomenon kicking in big time. If everyone is doing it, why should I be left behind? If my company is not on Facebook and I am the marketing guy, I might as well take guard against some serious questions from my boss. Marketing honchos are pell-mell forced to be on Facebook, whether it makes any sense or not.


Facebook as a marketing tool for serious businesses is a self perpetrating myth. Crowd behavior and the ‘Me Too’ phenomenon have together created this huge myth and we are forced to be a part. If we don’t conform we are pariah and who likes to be left alone? Being a part of the crowd is beneficial in some ways.


This article has been contributed by Nitin Aggarwal. He is a young entrepreneur, who owns the company Offshore Ally. His company is one of the leading providers of talented virtual assistant and link builders online. Connect with him via Twitter.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Top 3 things to look out for when hiring a SEO company

Guest post by: Lyuben Georgiev

So you have a business and you want to develop it further by hiring a SEO agency to take care of your website’s performance. This is great but choosing the best company can be a little bit hard nowadays. I have heard complaints from different people saying they have a lot of bad memories from the last company they hired and they will never try SEO again. It is a shame that these companies give the whole industry such a bad name.

When hiring a company to handle SEO for you, beware of those things:

  1. Splogging – In an attempt to generate more links for you so you can sign a long term contract, many companies use splogging. This is the kind of spam that usually affects blogs. An example of splogging is putting your website’s name and link on various useless pages that have absolutely no value, page rank or domain authority all over the web. Most of the times these companies would use programs to automatically make blogs and post your link somewhere surrounded with a bunch of words that don’t even make sense. That can not only bring no value to your website but it can also be pretty bad for your reputation.

  2. Short term links – That definition comes from the companies that would link to your website from site they have created and own. This is generally not a bad idea if the website is one that has high authority. The problem comes when you are no longer happy with their services and want to end the contract. Then these companies will take your links off their websites. This can be very bad depending on how many links they have put there. What if it is a blog and they have posted a lot of articles with links to your website and they delete them all when you no longer have a contract? Beware of those situations as they can be very dangerous.

  3. Comment spamming – Another form of spamming is comment spamming. A company that uses that method would go on different blogs and post useless comments (you will be lucky if the comment even says something that makes sense like “Thanks for the post”) and put your link there. These comments can be very bad for your reputation and you should avoid companies that spam in any way at all costs.

So, the only way to find out what these companies are up to on time is to ask for reports. Tell them that you want to see what they have been doing for your business and see where the links are coming from. It is your right as their client to know what they are doing for you and end the contract if you are not happy. You should take control and be on top of things because once it is too late you will regret it very much.

For more information about mistakes to avoid when choose SEO firm follow link.

Lyuben Georgiev works for one of the largest SEO companies in Europe - Outrider. He also blogs at popular blogs like Search Engine Journal and RINF.