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Saturday, December 5, 2009

How to use Google Sidewiki

In this article you can learn what is Sidewiki, how to install and use Sidewiki, how Google Sidewiki work and Sidewiki features, how to block Sidewiki and some (controversy) impressions about Sidewiki. I discover Sidewiki two days ago after after updating my Google toolbar. Sidewiki was launched in September 2009.

What is Sidewiki and how it is functioning

Google Sidewiki appears as a browser sidebar, where users can read and write comments about current web page. Sidewiki allows web surfers to leave comments about pages as they surf the web and to read Sidewiki comments leaved by other surfers. So if you have Sidewiki enabled you can view Sidewiki entries posted by surfers who visit web page before you.

Google Sidewiki toolbar

Now with help of Sidewiki every web page can be commented in one unique comment system. To see Sidewiki entries or add your own Sidewiki entrie you must have Sidewiki installed on your browser (Google toolbar or Sidewiki bookmarklet) and Google account. Sidewiki users can also rate Sidewiki entries. This rating is visible when a user click on more hypelink of some Sidewiki entry (Useful? yes, no)

Google Sidewiki rating after more is clicked

To summarize, Google Sidewiki user can:

  • view Sidewiki entries (comments) entered by others Sidewiki users for current web page

  • write his own Sidewiki entry about web site

  • rate existing Sidewiki entries

  • write Sidewiki entry about selected area of text

Install GoogleSidewiki

Prerequisites to use GoogleSidewiki:

  • you must have Google account

  • to use Sidewiki you need to install Google toolbar. Sidewiki is integrated in Google toolbar

  • if you don't want to install Google toolbar (privacy issue or any other issue) or your internet browser don't support Google toolbar you can use Sidewiki bookmarklet

How to use Google Sidewiki

To see Sidewiki entries visit some web page and click on Sidewiki icon on your Google toolbar or click on Open Sidewiki icon on left side of page.

Open Siedwiki entries

If you have signed up with google account you can write your own entries or rate entries of other Sidewiki users. If you are page owner, you can write a special entry that will remain the top entry for this page.

Google Sidewiki entry as page owner

Very interesting feature is to write Sidewiki entry for selected area of text on web page. Select some text and click on the write entry icon and you will write Sidewiki comment about selected text.

Write entry for selected text in Google Sidewiki

How Sidewiki order comments

The key factor in ordering Sidewiki entries are:

  • Use of sophisticated language

  • Sidewiki user’s reputation: Are user's comments being voted up or down, or reported as abuse?

  • Siedwiki user’s history

Profile rank is very important. Similar to PageRank that reflects web page authority, Google Profile have its own Profile rank which is important when Sidewiki ranking comments.

HTML in Sidewiki entries

You can ask yourself : Can I make hyperlinks in Google Sidewiki entries? Yes, you can.

Sidewiki support

  • font formatting tags such as bold tag - <b> tag

  • italicize tag - <i> tag

  • hyperlink tag - <a> tag

  • paragraph tag - <p> tag

  • break line tag <br /> tag

For complete list of supported HTML tags visit Using HTML in Sidewiki entries

Don't like Sidewiki and want to block Sidewiki on your page

For those who think Sidewiki is not welcome on their web site there is javascript code you can implement and Sidewiki entries will not be accessible.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

With this code snippet you can stop side wiki spam (if you think that way). I found this code on sidewikispam blog. I make test on blogger and it works. In my opinion Sidewiki is welcome on my blog.

Thoughts about Siedwiki

  • Sidewiki, enables anyone to comment on any web page

  • Page owner can't control Sidewiki entries about his page, what if a page owner do not want anyone put comments about his web page?

  • Google have its own system to rate Sidewiki comments and order those comments (entries)

  • good rated Sidewiki entries are on the top of comment for web page, Sidewiki entries with bad rate will be buried and visitor will not see those entries, so Google decide which comment will stay for some web site

  • what if some inappropriate entry is on the top? Web owner can't delete it.

  • some bloggers claims that Google takes comments away from web sites and puts them on Google

  • what if someone in Google doesn't like some site and decide to show only negative comments for that site, yes they say it is a algorithm, but algorithms are written by people and can be used for manipulation

  • are Google capable to stop spammers who will try to use Sidewiki for their spam

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Very good blog

In this blog you can find many good tips about working with blogger templates. My advice is to explore this blog it will be worthwhile.

in reference to: The Blogger Guide (view on Google Sidewiki)