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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Parameters for tweeter buttons

There are parameters (options) for three retweet buttons counters: Tweetmeme, Backtype and Topsy. You can get more control over your tweet buttons with options listed for those three tweet counters.

Find answers how to:

  • change the @username who is tweeted

  • change the size of the button

  • what to do when the URL is different from the current URL

If you are interested in implementing twitter button on blogspot check Add twitter retweet button to blogger.

Tweetmeme options

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Approve comments on blogger

Blogger owners who want to moderate comments on their blog will find this guide useful. You can moderate comments on blogger before it goes live on blog. This is handy for control comment spam. Blogger administrator can accept or reject comment before comment is published. Here you will find step by step instructions how to enable comment moderation.

Also, this post give answer how to find out to which post unpublished comment is connected. For example I have one unpublished comment and want to learn to which post it will be published.

Moderate comments on blogger

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Add twitter retweet button to blogger

Learn how to add tweet retweet button and counter to every post on your blogspot blog and show the number of times your posts have been linked on Twitter and let readers retweet. Here you will find guide how to add retweet button to the top or a bottom of your posts and how to align retweet button on left or right side of your posts. You can choose one of three retweet counters (tweetmeme, backtype and topsy) described in this article. You will also find advantages and drawbacks for each one of those three retweet counter services.

Tweeter button looks like this button on the picture below: