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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Add spider gadget on your site

Add spider on your web

For those who like animals there is a gadget you can add on your site. Link is here.

It is possible to name your spider, choose background file, change color and size of spider. Then click on button "Get the Code" and copy and paste code on your site. And this is it, you have a nice little spider on your web. And best thing is that spider follow your mouse pointer :).

For blogspot bloggers:

You can paste code in HTML/Javascript gadget. For details see How to add HTML or JavaScript gadget to blog (blogger).

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Create your own site search using google search

For those who wants to add search capability on their sites google offer AdSense for Search. It is free solution that allows publishers to place a search box on their site and earn revenue from relevant ads on the search results page.

To use AdSense for Search you must be AdSense publisher. If you are not already Adsense publisher you should complete online application. In this case you must wait some time before Google Adsense approve your request. Google will review your application and follow up with an email within 2-3 days.

There is Google free search also. The difference between AdSense for Search and Google free search is that Google AdSense for search also offers the ability to monetize user searches from your site.

To make your AdSense for search and you have your AdSense account:
  • First log in o your account at adsense

  • Click the AdSense Setup tab

  • Select AdSense for search

  • AdSense custom search

  • Choose your search type ("Only sites I select" or "The entire web")

    • You can use AdSense for search to create a vertical search, where you can allow your users to search across multiple sites - this could be a network of sites that you own or other related sites that you think your users might find useful. You can accomplish this with selection "Only sites I select".

  • Specify selected sites

    • Specify a site or list of sites to search across. These can be individual pages, parts of sites, or entire sites

  • Choose optional keywords and other options

    • Keywords are used to tune the search engine's results and ads to match your site's content.

  • Design your search box

  • Choose whether you would like your search results to open on Google or within your site.

  • Copy AdSense code and paste it on your site

For blogspot users:

You can paste code in HTML/JavaScript gadget. For details see How to add HTML or JavaScript gadget to blog (blogger).

Monday, February 9, 2009

Install code syntax highlighter on blogspot (blogger)

Code syntax highlighter is utility which display code snippets on your web or blog in user friendly manner. If you want to display or show some code on your blog with this utility your blog will look more professional. In this article you will find simple step by step guide to implement code syntax highlighter on blogspot (blogger) blog.

You can see on picture how it is look.

Example of javascript code in syntax highlighter

To learn how to display HTML source code in blog post click on this link.
Before tutorial about including syntax highlighter in blogspot we can say that it is not so difficult to implement this functionality in your blogspot blog. Just read carefully, follow instructions and you can easily add nice formatted code in your blogger post.

Guide to put code syntax highlighter on your blogspot blog:

  • Click on layout tab and choose "Edit HTML"

  • Instruction to edit HTML

  • Copy this code

  • <link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>
    <script language='javascript' src=''/>
    <script language='javascript' src=''/>
    <script language='javascript' src=''/>
    <script language='javascript' src=''/>
    <script language='javascript'>

  • Paste this code between </body> and </html>

  • Where to put HTML code for syntax highlighter

  • Save HTML template

  • Now you can put code in your posts in syntax highlighter using this syntax:

  • <pre name="code" class="[LANGUAGE]">

  • Replace [LANGUAGE] with some of this values:

    • cpp, c, c++

    • csharp

    • css

    • delphi, pascal

    • java

    • javascript

    • php

    • python

    • rb, ruby, rails, ror

    • sql

    • vb,

    • xml, html, xhtml, xslt


<pre name="code" class="html">
Hello world!
This is not real code,
just for test purposed


Hello world!
This is not real code,
just for test purposed

This service is a Donationware. You can donate to author of SyntaxHighlighter by clicking here.

For writing code in blog look at How to display HTML code in blog or web.

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