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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Parameters for tweeter buttons

There are parameters (options) for three retweet buttons counters: Tweetmeme, Backtype and Topsy. You can get more control over your tweet buttons with options listed for those three tweet counters.

Find answers how to:

  • change the @username who is tweeted

  • change the size of the button

  • what to do when the URL is different from the current URL

If you are interested in implementing twitter button on blogspot check Add twitter retweet button to blogger.

Tweetmeme options

tweetmeme_urlsample value - ''. If you want to place the button on more than one page or would like it in your feed, you will need to override the URL. Commonly used for blog posts, sample value for blogger '<data:post.url/>'.
'<data:post.url/>' code link tweet counter to every post on blogger blog.
tweetmeme_sourceBy default the RT button will direct you in the format of "RT [@tweetmeme] [blog post title] [link]". You can, however change the button to retweet your user account. By specifying the tweetmeme_source parameter you can change the format to "RT [YOURNAME] [blog post title] [link]". Of course you [YOURNAME] will be value of tweetmeme_source parameter.
tweetmeme_stylevalue can be 'compact'. If you want compact button include tweetmeme_style='compact' code. Don't include this code if you want more bigger button.
tweetmeme_servicewith this option you have ability to chose any URL shortener service you like. Sample: tweetmeme_service = '';

Sample code for tweetmeme options:

<script type="text/javascript">
tweetmeme_style = 'compact';
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Backtype parameters

tweetcount_urlthe URL to measure tweets for
tweetcount_titletitle of the page for retweets
tweetcount_srcLeading text for retweets
tweetcount_viaIf tweets contain '(via @BackType)', true or false
tweetcount_sizeSize of button, 'large' or 'small' value
tweetcount_linksif links should be opened in new windows, 'true' or 'false' value
tweetcount_short_urlspecify the pre-shortened URL that you would like to use
tweetcount_backgroundButton background color (for example 'CCCCCC')
tweetcount_borderButton border color (for example 'FFFFFF'))
tweetcount_textButton text color (for example '000000') API Key for custom URL shortener

Sample code for BackType tweeter button

<script type="text/javascript">
tweetcount_url = '';
tweetcount_title = 'Tweetcount Parameters';
tweetcount_src = 'RT @BackType:';
tweetcount_via = false;
tweetcount_links = true;
tweetcount_size = 'large';
tweetcount_background = 'FFFFFF';
tweetcount_border = 'CCCCCC';
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Topsy configuration topsy

topsy_themecan be set to any of the following themes to change the button colors (see above for examples): brick-red, brown, monochrome, jade, light-green, sea-foam, mustard, hot-pink, blue (the default theme).
topsy_nickshould be set to the Twitter username that you want to appear in retweet text (without an @). If this variable is unset, the button will use “TopsyRT” as the Twitter username.
topsy_stylecan be set to "big" if you want a large button. If this variable is unset, a small button will be displayed.
topsy_urlsets the URL to be retweeted. By default the button will use the URL of the page it is embedded in, but if you want to use a different URL, define it in this variable. Topsy will shorten the URL for you in the RT text.
topsy_shorturlsets the shorturl to use in retweet text. If you do not pass your own shorturl, Topsy will shorten the URL for you in the RT text.
topsy_titleallows you to define the RT text used by the button. By default the RT text will be the title of the page the button is embedded on.
topsy_ordersets the order the small button elements will be displayed in. This variable must be a comma-separated list of three items: “count”, “retweet”, and “badge”. Whatever order you place those items in, that’s the order they’ll appear in. Badge refers to Topsy TopLinks badges, which are displayed for pages that are in the Topsy Top5k or above.
topsy_tweet_textsets the text of the tweet button when there are no tweets yet.
topsy_retweet_textsets the text of the retweet button when there have been tweets.

Example Javascript code with a large Topsy button:

<script type="text/javascript">
var topsy_nick = "TopsyRT";
var topsy_style = "big";
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


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