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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Web mind reader

Computer can read your mind. Don't believe? Try this computer magic trick. This page will attempt to read your mind, please follow the instructions carefully. You will probably be amazed (I was when I try this ming game for the first time), computer really know what symbol you imagine. If you think you know how it works please leave comment.

  1. Imagine one two digit number (example: 42)

  2. Substract digits from that number (example 42 - 4 - 2 = 36)

  3. Find results in a table and remember symbol attached to result number

  4. Concentrate on symbol. Click on square below and see result.

For visitors who are interested how this mind puzzle works there are two hints:

  • think what computer can do?

  • what you do?


Jeffrey Ballagh said...

Very interesting. Arrived for another post, but was sucked in by this one.

Doesn't matter what 2-digit number you choose, the algorithm always results in a multiple of 9. It's easier to see if you switch the order of numbers subtracted.

Subtracting the second digit from the 2-digit number always results in the next lowest multiple of 10. Any 2-digit number ending in a zero is equal to 10 x the first digit. Subtract the first digit once and you have 9 x the first digit.

Now look at all the multiples of 9 in the table. Notice anything?

web design NJ said...

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