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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Show and view hidden folders and files on Windows 7

Some folders on Windows 7 are hidden by default. For example you can't find folder Usere\[UserName]\AppData. No, this folder is not missing it is just hidden. In this guide you will find brief step by step tutorial how to find, show and access hidden folders and files.
    To view hidden files and folders you need:

  • open windows explorer

  • click on the Organize button and then select "Folder and Search Options" from the menu

  • Choose View tab

  • under View tab click "Show hidden files and folders" in the list
    Folder Options - show hidden folders an files
Now you can see hidden folders on your PC.
This article is answer on questions:

  • How to find folder MSOCache
  • Can't find folder ProgramData
  • Folder Program Files\Uninstall Information is missing
  • Where is C:\Users\Public\Favorites
  • Can't find C:\Users\Public\Libraries
  • How to access C:\Users\Public\Desktop
  • Show C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT folder - for this you need to check Hide operating system files

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Data Recovery Chicago said...

Thanks a lot for including the whole procedure to view hidden files in windows 7. Most of the times I though that there could be any way of viewing this hidden files.. But have no idea.. This blog is really a good source for me to learn such an interesting and a very helpful stuff...

Reema said...

One problem with the "hidden" attribute is that an experienced person knowing this trick can find out hidden files.

To keep out such adament peekers, file hiding softwares are the solution. There are plenty of them out there. see this for an example - How to hide files in windows

Vicoprofen said...

I agree with data recovery Chicago. Even I am also not able to get view hidden files if there is in my PC. It was good source for people like me... :)


Benjamin Brady said...

Hey Interesting indeed. I am agree to this article i am used to this tips thanks for nice sharing keep it up........