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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Does content really make you money?

Guest post by: Paul

Everyone’s gone marketing crazy lately and I suppose I don’t blame them either. With more competition than ever you really have to work to get your site noticed online. For many webmasters this involves many hours/days of link begging until some blogger eventually gives in and links to you from their resources page (which is buried 10 levels deep from the homepage).

So the marketing side of being a webmaster is un-avoidable but I’ve noticed that many forget you need great content on your site if you expect visitors to convert into sales, either for yourself or your advertisers. How many times have you been to an ecommerce site that’s just had a bunch of technical info on each product that they got free from the manufacturer? I’m not sure why people think boring content increases sales but they seem too.

How about instead of some forgettable technical specs you shot a video of yourself using the product and explaining the features and benefits of it? People love to watch video online because it requires even less effort than reading, people are lazy and I include myself in that bracket. I know some webmasters are worried about how to put a video into web format and maybe also bandwidth costs. However this is no longer a realistic excuse because Youtube will now do it all for you including converting the video. All you have to do embed the video code on your site, plus you will attract visitors from people viewing it on Youtube too!

It’s not just video that can increase sales on your site, info-graphics are also great for explaining something complex quickly. If you’re not sure what an info-graphic is it’s just an image with lots of labels explaining a process, the key is to keep it light-hearted with cartoon characters and fun colours. Try not to let it become a power point slide, otherwise people will feel like they are at work!

The best reason to create useful content though is because long term it’s really the only strategy. Untimely at some point someone at Google may review your site and if you have a 1000 pages of junk you can’t really complain if your site disappears the next day. When it comes to quality creating something worthwhile is the best bet you can make.

I have more articles like this on my blog at earning money online which has lots of marketing advice for webmasters.

1 comment:

Ramiro said...

Very good post. I've been struggling with content lately and fighting with PLR.

It takes work. Video is a great alternate content provider too.

Last night I posted a video on my site as a post. It was a very good video though. Quality conent!