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Thursday, June 9, 2011

What Is Direct Email Marketing?

Direct Email marketing is when a company sends a profitable message to a group of people by the use of electronic email. The emails generally consist of advertisements, business requests or donation and sales solicitation. It is considered email marketing if it helps to build a company’s reputation, trust in a product and/or customer loyalty. A direct email marketing solution is believed to be an excellent and resourceful way of keeping in constant contact with clients and potential business associates while promoting your business at the same time.

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An online marketing company can help businesses greatly benefit from this sort of advertising as it is enables you to reach out to your target audience without a huge amount of expense. Television advertisements, radio air play and leaflet drops are time-consuming and costly, not only that, there is the issue of not reaching a wide enough audience. A direct email marketing solution is worldwide and free. You can also tailor your email lists to meet several criteria’s such as customer’s likes and dislikes, spending habits and how long certain addresses have been on the list. Emails are created and sent out to specific members of your email list personalised to provide the information they have requested or are interested in. This not only increases your sales but also makes your customers value you.

There are a few different ways of developing an email marketing campaign. An online marketing company would advise you to start off by sending a welcome email to thank the new client for expressing interest in your company. Welcome letters notify the public about the company and help to give you information about the customer so that they can be put into the correct categories for the specific information they need.

Other email campaigns can include special announcements on products or services, a monthly newsletter concerning your company and/or products, money off coupons for future purchases etc. each email you send out needs to have company information towards the bottom of the page, enabling potential clients to learn more about your company and to ‘opt-in’ to receiving any upcoming emails. An online marketing company may advise you to offer your clients an incentive program by giving out a ‘promo’ code so that they can collect discounts on future purchases. This is a simple way of monitoring the worth of your campaign as well as what your contacts are interested in.

With the additional help of marketing software, a direct email marketing solution is a fantastic way of reaching your target markets but also staying connected to your purchasing base. When used efficiently, this form of marketing can keep hold of older clients and get new ones as satisfied customers will recommend your services to their friends and family and it could not be simpler, with the touch of a button you can forward an email. Your profit on investment is substantially higher than with the more traditional ways of marketing. With the help of an online marketing company to ensure these methods of advertising are correctly employed, your company will go from strength to strength.

This post was written by Crispin Jones on behalf of Boom Online Marketing. Crispin writes on marketing subjects including direct email marketing.


Traumeel said...

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George Coffield said...

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