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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

High PR DoFollow backlins blogs list

Here is a list of high page rank blogs which have dofollow comments. DoFollow comment means that backlinks to commenter home page on DoFollow blog is not using "nofollow" tag, so part of PageRank juice flow to commenter blog.

Blogs are Pagerank 4 and higher till PageRank 6. All blogs listed on this page belong to Technology niche. When I say Technology niche primarily I think on topics such as : blogging tips, search engine optimization and internet earnings.

In following table with links to DoFolow blogs you will find next columns:

  • Link - url address of Dofollow blog

  • CommentLuv - if CL is written, blog is CommentLuv - When a visitor (commenter) leaves a comment on CommentLuv blog, the CommentLuv plugin automatically searches for commentators latest post. If it finds one, it automatically adds a titled link at the end of the comment which links back to commentators post.

  • DoFollow columns - Comments usually have two backlinks, first on beginning of comment which points to commentators blog main page and another link on the end of comment (on CommentLuv blogs only) which point on last post. In this column you can find information which of those two backlinks are DoFollow.

  • Comment - some basic information about a blog

  • PageRank - information of Google Pagerank of blog

  • Alexa - Alexa rank of blog. Alexa Rank is a measurement about popularity of web site. Alexa is relative because it depends on the data of users who have installed Alexa Toolbar on their browsers. Best Alexa Rank is 1. DoFollow blogs are sorted by Alexa rank from smaller (better) to bigger.

You can search listed DoFollow blogs with PageRank 4 and above by specific keywords, just follow the link.

If you know for DoFollow blog in technology niche with PageRang 4 or higher please leave a link in comment section.

Link Comment
DoFollow Comment Page Rank Alexa Blog premalink is DoFollow  Marketing optimization blog focused on improving conversion rates, increasing leads, web analytics, SEO, SEM, social media, testing and customer experience. Allows keywords.    6  39271 Blog premalink is DoFollow Blogging, web earnings, traffic 5 5047  CL Blog premalink is DoFollow Blogging tips, blog marketing, social media 5 15570 Blog premalink is DoFollow Getting Information about Search and SEO Directly from the Search Engines 5 17378 Blog premalink is DoFollow Personal blog, posts on this blog are very long, Blog Notices, branding, Online Evolution, Search marketing, author of this blog is a mart but little boring 5 270720 CL Blog premalink is NoFollow, last post is Do Follow SEo, blogging, web design 4 20349 CL Blog premalink is NoFollow, last post is Do Follow Blog tips, blog tutorials for blogger and Wordpress, COmentLuv... 4 21178 CL Blog premalink is DoFollow, last post is Do Follow blogging tips, social media, SEO 4 24199 CL Blog premalink is DoFollow, last post is Do Follow Wordpres SEO, basics 4 24500 CL Blog premalink is DoFollow, last post is Do Follow Blog marketing 4 27537 CL Blog premalink is DoFollow, last post is Do Follow Making money online 4 29108 Blog premalink is DoFollow internet earning, affiliates 4 29140 CL Blog premalink is DoFollow, last post is Do Follow 4 33620 CL Blog premalink is DoFollow, last post is nofollow Attraction Marketing, blogging,social media 4 34099  CL Blog premalink is DoFollow, last post is Do Follow Blogging tips, making money 4 46302 CL Blog premalink is DoFollow, last post is Do Follow SEO, blogging, Google, Leveraging tools 4 75695 Blog premalink is NoFollow, last post is Do Follow affiliate marketing train site 4 79615 Blog premalink is DoFollow Techology blog, facabook, google, blogging, reviews, WordPress 4 81361 CL Blog premalink is DoFollow, last post is Do Follow Author is preacher and blogger. Write about blogging, publishing, writing tips. 4 85038 Blog premalink is DoFollow unofficial AdSense blog 4 86439 Blog premalink is DoFollow Social media, blogging, tutorials 4 89458 CL Blog premalink is DoFollow, last post nofollow Author is a woman who is live from internet earnings. Blogging, earnings, marketing. 4 98880 Blog premalink is DoFollow, you can put a dofollow link in a comment Grandmother who like to write things down in her notebook and started to blogging 4 128062 CL Blog premalink is DoFollow, last post is Do Follow, with some javascript in links,  Technology, Windows, Blogging, Software 4 137223 CL Blog premalink is DoFollow, last post is Do Follow WordPress, this guy really love to write about Wordpress. WordPress Tutorials 4 138116 Blog premalink is DoFollow  SEO, web designing and internet marketing.. 4 183055

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ctrl Alt Del on Remote Desktop

How to send Ctrl Alt Del key combination to rdp (remote desktop)?


On remote desktop right combination is CTRL + ALT + END. This key combination on remote desktop has same result as CTRL + ALT + DEL on ordinary Windows.


Ctrl Alt Del key combination work on Windows, and no other application is allowed to intercept it. This is very important for security reasons. So when user click Ctrl Alt Del he is sure that he see real logon screen.

How to send CTRL ALT DEL combination on VMWare

Answer is: Ctrl Alt Ins

CTRL ALT DEL combination on Virtual PC

[Host Key]-Del (the host key is Right-Alt by default)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Change text to UPPERCASE with jQuery

How to convert text to uppercase with jQuery? It is very easy, just follow steps in this brief tutorial. To make things easy this article will provide two demo examples with jQuery code.

jQuery uppercase - change text to uppercase in messagebox


Click here to uppercase

In this demo text "To uppercase with jquery!" is changed to uppercase "TO UPPERCASE WITH JQUERY!". When link "Click here to uppercase" is clicked changed text is showed in messagebox.

Explanation for uppercase:

jQuery have toUpperCase method which convert text to UpperCase. Here is a sample code:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

<div id="target">
  Click here for uppercase

    $('#target').click(function () {
        var strVal = 'To uppercase with jquery!'

First line is reference on jQuery library which every page using jQuery must have.

Then we have "Click here for uppercase" link with id target.

Inside script tag we have function which is fired when item with id "target" is clicked. Variable strVal is changed to uppercase with method toUpperCase() and showed in messagebox.

Change text in input textbox to uppercase jQuery

Change to uppercase

Above is a link "Change to uppercase" which change text in input text box to uppercase.


 <div id="Change">
  Change to uppercase
<input value="to uppercase" type="text" id="inpChng" />

    $('#Change').click(function () {
        var strVal = $("#inpChng").val();

In the code above when link in div with id "Change is clicked" value from input text control is taken and changed to uppercase.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Fixed row in excel

How to fix row or column in Excel so when you scroll up or down this row remain locked? In this short tutorial you will find an answer. Usually users need to fixing top row in excel.

Fixed row in Excel 2010

  • Select row in Excel which you want to be first non fixed row (row 2 in example, because we want to freeze row 1)

  • Sample Excel selection for freeze row

  • Click View tab, then click Freeze panes icon and choose Freeze panes

    Freeze panes option for fix row

  • That's it, now you have fixed (locked) top row in excel!

  • For top row you can just use Freeze Top Row option

Fix row in earlier versions of Excel

To get a fixed row, highlight the row where you wish all rows before the selected row to be fixed or locked, go to Window>"Freeze Panes" and you will see a line appear across your worksheet. Everything above the line is fixed and will remain viewable till you scroll down your worksheet.