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Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas effects on HTML page

On this page you can find links to christmas javascript effects which can be applied on your web page.

We will start with two snow effect, then continue with moving santa.

Look below for links to christmas effect tutorials!

Christmas snowing javascript effect - find how to add snowing effect on your web page. Following this link more advanced users can also find how to make snow fall with a custom snow flakes.

Snow fall effect sample from my blog

Moving santa on your HTML page - how to get moving christmas Stana Claus on your HTML page with a help of javascript.

Animate - Moving image effect on web page

3D snow effect in HTML5 - want a window looking on 3D falling snow on your HTML page? This impressive 3D effect you can find by following the link.

3D snow effect with HTML5 and javascript

jQuery snow falling effect - if you like jQuery, linked article could teach you how to add snowing effect on you web site using jQuery.

jQuery snowing effect animation sample

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