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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

jQuery don't work but there is no error message

I installed IE 8 and take a look at cool new features. Everything seemed nice, but then I noticed that in my article with jQuery examples my demos which using jQuery code not working. It worked well in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer 7. Compatibility view does not help. There was no error message but nothing happened when clicked on button which fired jQuery code. Testing html pages on my local computer with jQuery code don't work too.

i tried to go on jQuery documentation in Internet explorer 8 but couldn't find a working demo. But with other browsers same page have a properly working demo.

There are examples of web pages which uses jQuery and doesn't work well in IE 8 (without throwing error) but worked on other browsers:

Does jQuery work on Internet Explorer 8?

Yes! It looked like IE 8 is a source of problem but it is not.

Security setting is a reason why jQuery doesn't work. Active scripting must be enabled. It was disabled and because problem listed in this article appeared.

To enable Active scripting:

Click Tools --> Internet Options --> Security tab

Select Internet zone (world globe) --> Click Custom level

Internet options - Security tab

Click on Enable Active Scripting and clik OK.

Enable Active Scripting

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