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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Recent posts blogger widget

There is a guide to add recent posts on your blogger sidebar. It is very easy. We will describe two ways to implement recent posts.

Recent posts can be added to blogger (blogspot) with help of Feed gadget. This is method I prefer because it less slow down load time of your blog then a method with Recent Posts widget. Drawback is that you a limited to only five recent posts.

Second method with a Recent Posts gadget is more powerful. Recent Posts gadget show the recent posts with thumbnails and summaries. Drawback of this method is longer load time of your blog.

On this blog you can find more blogger tips like this.

Recent posts with a Feed gadget

  1. Go to Layout

  2. Click on Add Gadget

  3. Choose Feed gadget

    Feed gadget for recent posts

  4. Enter feed url

    • to find your blog feed url click on "Subscribe to this page" icon Subscribe to this page icon and copy & paste feed url

    • or you can try with url of your blog

  5. Enter title, chose how many items will be shown (5 is limit) and chose do you want display Post dates and Post authors

    Setup for Feed gadget

  6. After click on Save you have Recent posts list on your blogger blog with five latest posts

Recent posts gadget

  1. Go to Layout

  2. Click on Add Gadget

  3. In search text box type "Recent posts"

    Recent posts gadget

  4. Choose Recent posts widget with thumbnails

  5. Configure Recent posts gadget

    • choose title

    • determine height

    • blog url

    • number of posts to display

    • summary length...

    Configure Recent posts gadget

  6. click Save and you have Recent posts list with thumbnails on your blog

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