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Increase blogger traffic - change title

Title is very important for web traffic. Good title attract more visitors and it is significant part of SEO. To gain more traffic your title should have attractive keywords, should not be too long and important words should come first (keyword prominence).

In this article you will find free guide how to increase blog traffic with title change of each page of your blogger explained step by step. With title change explained in this article my blog have visit growth more than 40%. Let's talk about how blogspot post titles are generated. In blogger post blog title come first followed by post title.

Example 1:

[Blog title]: [Post title]

Useful and interesting web sites: Add javascript in blogspot (blogger) post

Blog title - Useful and interesting web sites

Post title - Add javascript in blogspot (blogger) post

In SEO (Search Engine Optimization) world, title like this is not effective.
Because keyword prominence rule say : the closer a word is to the front of the analyzed text area, the more relevant or important it is.
In our example keywords in blog title (which are not linked with post) decrease relevancy of keywords of post title.

We will have better SEO effect with title in which post title come first.

Example 2:

[Post title]: [Blog title]

Add javascript in blogspot (blogger) post: Useful and interesting web sites

Blogspot title

In second case search terms connected to post title like "add", "javascript", "blogspot" will have better chance to be in top google results then in first case.

How to change title for each post in blogger

This guide ensures keywords in your post titles are discovered more easily. To do this you will have to change template. Follow this blogspot tutorial to change your title in [POST TITLE: BLOG TITLE] format and achieve better google search result page ranking for your posts:

  • go to Layout --> Edit HTML

    Layout - Edit HTML

  • in Edit Template box find this code:

  • and replace with this code

    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
    <title><data:blog.pageName/> :

  • it is good idea to make backup of blogspot template before you click Save Template, new code tell that if visitor load certain post page title should be in [POST TITLE]: [BLOG TITLE] format, else title should be in [BLOG TITLE] format

Change title effect on my blog visits

Visits to my blog after change title is done was increased by more than 40% !!! Here is picture that illustrate increase of my blog traffic.

Comparison of blogspot visits before and after chnage title

Green line display visits before change title is done and blue line is after change title is done.

It is important to say that after you make this change you should wait some time (usually few day or in worse scenario few weeks) while google index your blog pages.

To check if google re-index your pages :
  • go to Google page

  • type site:[BLOG-NAME] (

  • click search

  • now you can see if your posts are in Post-title format

On the end, my experience with this method is really good, so if your blog traffic significantly grow after you use tips from this article I would ask you to put a link or two to my blog and follow my blog.

If you are interested in my real blogging experience visit: Increase blog adsense revenue real case scenario.


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Nice little tutorial on customizing pieces of Blogger.

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Hi! Thank you for reply posted in my blog,'ll follow ur instruction. Tnx again.

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I've been wondering for a day now, why can't i see my homepage in google while i can see my sitemaps

Mark said...

I am happy my article help you.
I try
and it is in result page, indexed.

Unknown said...

Well, I don't what's wrong with my blog. I did follow ur instruction but nothing happened to my blog. What ever page I browsed the post title don't appear but the blog title can check it here

Mark said...

You can download xml Template file (Layout-->Edit HTML) and send to my mail. I will take a look. Without xml template file I can't give you answer.

AFamilyMan said...

Thanks for the tips on increasing traffic by changing post and blog titles. I followed your tips on both of my blogs and hopefully i'll start to see some increase between 2 days and worse case 2 weeks. Also, Thanks for the tips on creating back links and i signed up for traffic momentum and pasted the code to new widgets on my 2 blogs. It would be nice to get my PR4 back. Please stop by my blog some day. Thanks.

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Paki Scandals said...

Thanks alot this is nice and working tip i already applied it to my blog..

Joel Gray said...

But I also suggest that the title should be relevant to the site content. Thanks for sharing this to us!

Anonymous said...

hi pls offer some help.This trick did not work on my blog,i have even tried others,it kept giving an error :pageName must be followed by "=" . Here's one of my blogs - baby tips for new moms

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Facebook Covers said...


my blog has very nice traffic.. but unfortunately i change my blog title my traffic are down? why ? my blog URL Is

Mark said...

To Facebook Covers :
Maybe your last title is better then new.
Or will take time until new title get indexed and recognized by Google.

Unknown said...

Thanks alot. You dont know how much helpful this post has been to my blog. You have lifted my head out of shame. Thanks alot.

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thanks for such a useful tips for getting better results on search engine with optimized title. i followed your instructions on my blog and find the better results. i also suggest other bloggers to follow this instructions..