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Monday, September 7, 2009

Make your own comic strip online

Do you know that you can easily make your own comic on web. And you don't need to be artist. There is a strip generator on web. You can use made characters and just dragging those characters in your strip or make your own characters. You can add bubbles with text inside it (speech balloons), different objects and shapes. is very funny and easy to use. I believe that stripgenerator is one of the best comic generators on web. My rate is excellent. Try and see!

Let's see a comic I maked in 15 minutes:

Make a strip

What can be done with strip generator

  • use existing drawings of humans, beings, objects, shapes and bubbles

  • easy drag end drop of existing objects to strip

  • add speech balloons and enter your text

  • change size and rotating existing objects

  • add and remove frames

  • generate a custom character

  • embedding comics in other web pages

  • searh strip gallery...

Guide to make your own strip (comic book) online

  • go on

  • click on "Create strip"

  • drag & drop objects in frames and make your own comic

  • you can use character generator to create your custom made characters

    Character generator on strip generator

  • you can embed strip with copy & paste code in embed text box

On stripgenerator page you can publish your strip blog, leave messages on their forum, search last strip blogs...

1 comment:

Kristi @ Oes Tsetnoc said...

That looks pretty fun... maybe I'll make a comic for my new site. It certainly could use some humor sprucing.

Thanks for the link invite too... I just added yours under Friends. :)