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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

No tooltip bug in Firefox 3.5

After upgrading firefox to 3.5.2 version I noticed that there is no tooltips. Tooltips are missing and instead of missing tooltip there was small white rectangle cursor box. I found solution for this problem with a help of google.

It is no tooltip bug (or blank tooltip bug) in Firefox 3.5. Solution is to uninstall and reinstall the latest version of Google toolbar for Firefox. To be sure that problem is in Google Toolbar try to start Firefox in safe mode. If Firefox in safe mode properly display tootips then source of problem is in one of the add-ons (probably Google Toolbar for Firefox)

To uninstall Google toolbar for Firefox click Tools-->Add-ons, choose on Google toolbar and click Uninstall

Uninstall google toolbar

This article refer to no tooltip bug or blank tooltip bug in Firefox 3.5.


TomekK said...

Thanks for that post dude. I went crazy without title tooltips. I could live without google toolbar but no titles - no way ;-)

Anonymous said...

Very helpful, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks !

Mark said...

The reason why tooltips are missing in Firefox 3.5 and IE8 is because title attributes are missing from applicable HTML tags.

There is a Windows application called Alt&Title that allows Web designers to automatically add missing title attributes to their Web pages in minutes.

Here is the Web page where it can be downloaded...