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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Download entire website or images

This article can help surfers who want:

  • download all pages linked from selected page on their computer

  • or

  • download entire web site on a local computer

  • or

  • automatically download all images (and links to images) from specific page or web site

  • or

  • automatically download any other type of files from selected page or site

Purpose of this article is not to go in details but to give links to applications which can help surfer to move files from web to his local hard. There is no need for saving every file by hand - just enter the starting address, choose what files to save and let the program do the rest of the work.

Extreme picture finder - with this software you can download images, music, video or any other files from websites automatically. Application have "find pictures" feature with built-in web picture search engine. Simply type your search phrase, click "Search" button and you'll have thousands of pictures to choose from in just a few minutes.
Main purpose of Extreme picture finder is downloading images on your computer.
This is a best application for downloading images from web sites I found on Internet. Very intuitive, good designed and user friendly. Unfortunately it is not free, user license plus one year of free updates cost $29.95.
Luckily you can download free evaluation copy for 20 days.

WinHTTrack - this application is FREE.
Main purpose of WinHTTrack is downloading sites on your computer.
In my opinion it is not so user friendly as Extreme picture finder but it is very powerful application. It give user many features.
With this application user can:

  • Download web site(s)

  • Get individual files - Will only get the desired files you specify (for example, ZIP files), but will not spider through HTML files

  • Download all sites in pages

BackStreet Browser - It is a FREE, offline browser. Main purpose is viewing and downloading sites on your computer.
It is less intuitive then Extreme picture finder and less powerful then WinHTTrack. This application was very successfully download my blog so it can be used for backup blogs.
By making multiple simultaneous server requests, BackStreet Browser can quickly download entire website or part of a site including HTML, graphics, Java Applets, sound and other user definable files, and saves all the files in your hard drive, either in their native format, or as a compressed ZIP file and view offline.

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grüner tee said...

Find, download and save images, video, music or any other files from the web automatically. No more annoying banners and pop-ups - only files you want and very fast. Forget about saving files manually one by one - this tool can automatically download almost anything from the majority or websites. Plus, it can find pictures using your search phrase!

grüner tee