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Friday, March 18, 2011

Blogger and AdSense

Blogger provides a simple way to make money with AdSense. Blogspot requests access to your AdSense account in order to allow creating and placing ad code on blogger page through layouts and template tools. If you don't have an AdSense account, you can sign up for it right from Blogger. Enter a valid email address, choose a password, fill in some contact information and then Blogger will register your account for you right away. If you do have an account already, just use the "sign in" link instead.

Where to put AdSense ad units on blogger for best results?

For this question check the heat map. One of the most commented positions is AdSense unit just below post title. Find more about this position on the end of this article.

If you want to learn from my own experience how to increase AdSense Click Through Rate follow the link.

    There are two ways to put Google AdSense ad inside your blogspot blog:

  • 1. create AdSense ads directly through blogger
  • 2. create AdSense ads through Google AdSense site and place ad code inside HTML/jscript gadget

First method is simpler to implement but in my opinion second method is better because when you create AdSense ad code through Google AdSense interface you have more powerful methods to track performance of every specific AdSense ad and find way to optimize it.

Create AdSense ads directly through blogger

    There are three various methods to create AdSense ad units in blogger:

  • using Monetize tab, Customize/Add Ads

  • using AdSense gadget

  • using configure blog posts screen

Using Monetize tab, Customize/Add Ads
    The most simplest method to add AdSense ads to blogger is to:

  • go to Monetize tab in your blogger interface

  • under AdSense overview tab click Customize/Add Ads link

    Google AdSense overview on blogger

  • now, you just need to pick one of four option that best suit your needs. Options are: display ads in sidebar and posts, display ads in sidebar or Display ads below posts

    Configure Google AdSense for Blogger

  • after last step you have installed Google AdSense ads on your blogger blog

Using AdSense gadget
    Another option is to place AdSense ads through blogger AdSense gadgets:

  • Go to Design tab, click Page elements and pick Add a gadget box where you want to add AdSense ad in Edit Layout window

    Edit layout to add AdSense ad in your blog

  • In Add a gadget window select AdSense gadget

  • In Configure AdSense window pick AdSense format and color and click on Save

    Configure AdSense on blogger

  • after you finished listed actions you have new AdSense ad unit on your blogger blog
Using configure blog posts screen

For those who want to show ads between posts answer is to go to Template --> Page Elements tab. Then, in the Blog Post section, click on "Edit".

Edit blog post for adding AdSense ad unit appear after a post title

In configure blog posts screen there is a Show Ads Between Posts check box, you can check this check box and choose format and color of AdSense ad unit.

Configure blog posts to show AdSense ads between posts

Create AdSense ads through Google AdSense site and use AdSense generated ad code on blogger

You can generate AdSense ad unit on AdSense site and paste generated code on your blogspot blog.

After you copy AdSense code you can easy paste AdSense ad unit code in HTML Javascript gadget where you want Adsense unit to appear.

But Gadgets in Blogger Design mode in some cases will not achieve all your requirements. What if you want AdSense ad unit to appear after a post title?.

To make Adsense appear after post title on individual Post follow this link. In linked article is described how to add AdSense unit code by changing blogger template.

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