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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Find more followers for Google plus circle

How to increase number of your followers on Google plus one network?. More followers more social power, new social network appeared: Google plus one (some call it just "g+"). And battle for followers is started. This article will discuss about few methods to extend your google circles. How to convince people to step in your google circle?

Make your profile noticable

Profile picture

Ask yourself what possible G+ follower first see when he come in touch with your Google plus profile?

First thing G+ member will see is your Google profile photo. So, you must find a photo that will grab G+ user attention. Someone once said that one picture is more powerful than thousand words, let's see example.

Profile images of Google plus users

Take a quick look on picture above and say who is most popular. In my opinion most of the people will first notice picture of Seth Godin. And yes, he is very popular and have most followers (not just on Google plus network). One of reasons of his popularity is his appearance, he is standing out. Standing put is a key of success on various social networks.

Conclusion is to choose profile picture wisely.


Posts are very important when someone make decision does he will follow your Google plus profile. If your posts cover Google plus member interests then you have good chance to get one more Google plus follower. Try to make smart and (or) funny posts and follower will come one by one.

When you have some really good post use extended circles. Extended cicrcles mean that you will share your post with everyone in your circles plus all the people in their circles (only first level).

About section and subtitle bar

Fill About section. There people watch when they want to learn some basic information about you. For example I always take a look at Introduction line under About section.

Under your user name there is one subtitle line where you can write short line of text. My advice is to use it.

Google plus - name in title, short line in subtitle and profile photo on left

Follow people with many followers

This is a rule for any social network. If you follow some person bigger chance is that this person will follow you. If that person is influential you will get more followers. Very simple, in language of numbers it is better to have follower who have 10000 followers than follower who have 15 followers.

To find Google plus influential people like celebrities and hottest Google plus posts in last 24 hours visit: Google + Statistics.

Invite people you already know

Google plus offer you to get in circles people who are in your gmail contacts. Also, under Find people there are options for invite Yahoo contacts, Hotmail contacts and option for upload address book. So, you can add all your contacts (or maybe not all) in Google circles and hope they will add you to their circles.

You can try to establish connection with your connections in other Social networks (like Twitter, Digg...) but you must find them by their gmail address or their name.

Add Google plus profile button

If you have web site or blog you can add Google plus profile button on your site. In case your site or blog have good traffic there are good chance to get some more Google plus follower.

This is how G+ profile button look like:

Guide to add Google plus profile button

  • Go to Google profile button page

  • enter your Google plus profile URL - you can find your profile URL in URL bar when your Google profile page is opened

  • Chose Google profile button size

  • Copy Google + button code and paste it on your site or blog

Try to find new Google plus followers using various groups

With time there will be various places on web where you could take an opportunity to get more Google plus followers like forums, facebook pages, internet sites, social networks...

For example take a look at this facebook page: Google Plus Add List - Get More Followers and Bigger Circles.


kader said...

i think it only effects the ranking of the people who have voted for it on +1 not for everybody..

i used to increase my google +1 hasnt helped my ranking at all and i got 700+ votes from it!!

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