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Monday, November 21, 2011

How to: Keyword Research

How to research keywords for your new blog article or web page? For example you decide to publish article and want to find best keywords combination and want to be on top of Google search results. It is not easy! Read this post, use proposed "How to keyword research" method and you will find how to increase probability to find best keywords combination.

How to make keyword research?

Answer on question: "how to make keyword research" is by using KEI and KOI. Let's start with KEI.

Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) - helps point out which keywords are the most effective and valuable. The KEI compares the number of monthly searches for a keyword with the number of search results and help to find the most effective keywords.

To find KEI use KEI formula:

KEI = (Number of Monthly Keyword Searches)^2 / (Competing Pages)

Number of Monthly Keyword Searches - this indicator you can find using Google AdWords Keyword Tool.
Competing Pages - find using Google search. Just enter your search term and check number of results.

    To make things more clear take a look at this example:

  • we want to make keyword research on this keyword combination: "google keyword research"

  • on Google AdWords Keyword Tool page we can determine the number of global monthly searches for specific term, for keywords term "google keyword research" it is 9,900 searches per month

    How to keyword research - find out number of monthly searches for specific term with Google AdWords Keyword Tool

  • to find out raw google competition for specific keywords term we use Google search. For "google keyword research" there are 15,200,000 results.

    How to keyword research - find out Google competition for specific keywords term

  • now we can calculate KEI
    KEI = 9,900 ^ 2 / 15,200,000
    KEI = 6,49

  • higher KEI better keywords combination. With KEI we try to find keywords which are highly searched but in the same time are not overused on web

There is one more indicator similar to KEI - Keyword Opportunity Index (KOI). KOI compares the number of monthly searches for a keyword with the number of directly competing search results.

Formula for KOI is:

KOI = (Number of Monthly Keyword Searches)^2 / (Directly Competing Pages)

    Example for calculating KOI for keywords term "google keyword research":

  • monthly searches for keywords term "google keyword research" is 9,900

  • number of directly competing pages can be found by using Google operator "allinanchor:". This Google operator return results containing query terms specified in the anchor text on links to the page.

  • number of directly competing pages for "google keyword research" is 9,740,000.
    Find directly competing pages with Google operator allinanchor for optimized keyword research

  • KOI is:
    KOI = 9,900 ^ 2 / 9,740,000
    KOI = 10,06

When you ask yourself how to do keyword research, it is good practice to find various keywords combination (thesaurus synonyms can help) find KEI and KOI for each of them and compare. Keywords combination with highest KEI or KOI is best choice. KEI method doesn't measure quality of competition just quantity (number of search results). To get quality in calculate, you can use SeoQuake, it show Google Page Rank for each result. So, if first few results have high PageRank, quality of competition is high.


cyracks said...

this post is awesome, as a newbie in blogging, it will help a lot. but am so confuse at this place

now we can calculate KEI
KEI = 9,900 ^ 2 / 15,200,000
KEI = 6,49
I don't know what you meant by ^2/ can you explain?

Mark said...

^2 means exponentiation.
For example 9,900 ^ 2 is same as 9,900 * 9,900

ranna azam said...

wow.. now this something really new to me. this KOI and KEI stuff is great.. thanks for sharing this post..

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