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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Best blogging tips in Jan and Feb 2012

Purpose of this article is to give readers a short list and brief explanation of most useful articles (I found recently) with tips how to blog and make more visitors and money. Article will be separated on few separate topics about blogging I learned recently. This is first article in a series. Expect more article like this for a month or two...

In this article you can learn about :

  • Google page layout algorithm - page layout (specially above the fold area) have influence on how Google rank page

  • how AdSense unit inside post below title increase ad clicks and how to do it in blogger

  • guide for optimizing Google+ profile, facebook page, twitter profile...

  • how to get more web traffic

  • Domain name change impact on seach engine ranking...

Google page layout algorithm - page layout (specially above the fold area) have influence on how Google rank page

Recently on January 19 2012 Google make new algorithmic change. This change penalize bloggers who have lot of ads in above the fold area which push content down. I learned about this change from kezanari blog.

I write an article how above fold ads reduce Google search engine rankings. Probably most comprehensive article about this topic you can find in searchengineland article about ads and google penalize.

Excellent article Pages With Too Many Ads “Above The Fold” Now Penalized By Google Page Layout Algorithm

One of adviced tools to test does your site is affected by Google page layout algorithm is Browsersize.

How AdSense unit inside post below title increase ad clicks and how to do it in blogger

To avoid "Google page layout algorithm" I replaced AdSense units from under the post area to in the post area below the title. This change increase my AdSense revenure per visit (CTR - click through rate). To find more how to place AdSense ad unit inisde post below the title and how it affect AdSense revenue read : How to add adsense below post title.

Guide for optimizing Google+ profile, facebook page, twitter profile...

How to Optimize 7 Popular Social Media Profiles for SEO have detailed instruction for optimizing most popular Social Media profile such as G+, Facebook, twitter...

How to Optimize 7 Popular Social Media Profiles for SEO on SEM group

How to get more web traffic

How to get more web traffic is an excellent in depth article with a lot of tips and tricks for increasing web traffic. The writer of this article is Ana Hoffman and she have excellent blog about blogging and making money online. She earn money from her blog, visit her make money report on december 2011 to see how successful is she.

Domain name change impact on search engine ranking

If you thinking about domain name change read article Domain name change and find practical impact of domain name change on authors experience with lots of informations about this topic.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How to add AdSense below post title (for blogger)

Recently I add AdSense ad below post title on my blogger blog and result of my action is significant growth in CTR (Click Through Rate). Higher CTR usually leads to higher revenue.

In this article I will try to answer on next questions

  • why bloggers should place adsense ads inside post

  • does AdSense ads directly below title inside Blogger posts are permitted and what to do?

  • How to add AdSense ad below post title in each Blogger post

Why bloggers should add AdSense ad below post?

Answer is simple, AdSense ads placed below post title have higher CTR value. This position is one of best performing for earning money. Check the image of Google heat map for ideal ads placing. Dark orange is for strongest performance to light yellow for weakest performance.

Google heat map for best Adsens placing for better CTR

Since Page layout algorithm change, it is no longer advisable to place large block of AdSense ads above posts. "Page layout algorithm" cause Google penalty for blogs where relevant content is pushed down by large blocks of ads. In this circumstances placing one AdSense below post title right to post content text is a very good solution.

Add AdSense add directly below title and leave a space for content text on the left side

In three weeks after adding AdSense below post my CTR grow from 0.26% to 0.42%. To learn more about CTR trends and AdSense combinations on my blog visit : Increase blog adsense revenue real case scenario.

Does adding AdSense below title in post is allowed?

Using blogger interface you can easily add AdSense ads under post, between the posts or in the sidebar. But to add AdSense ads inside post below post title you should make change directly in blogger template, there is no simple way to do it. Step by step guide how to place AdSense ads below the post title you can find in next section of this article.

The question is does inserting Googe AdSense ads inside post below the title is permitted by Google term of services? Does this method break the rules?

Google forbidden placing misleading labels above Google ad units. So, if the AdSense ad unit directly below post title in some cases it could misleading visitors it is image connected with a title.

It is good practice to add a label above AdSense ad, something like "Sponsored Links" or "Advertisements". With this approach visitor will not be misguided. Take a look at image below how I add a label above the adsense unit below post title.

Add a label under AdSense unit if you put this AdSense ad below post tile and visitors will not be mislead

Personally I started to use this method since 2012-02-12 and AdSense ad unit work properly without a penalty. Here is the link to AdSense page where Ad placement inside article is suggested. Here you can find more about AdSense placement policies.

How to add AdSense ad unit below post title on blogger

Here is short tutorial:

  • First go to your Google AdSense account and copy AdSense unit code you want to implement inside your post

  • go to Postable (or some similar site) paste AdSense code, click button "Make it friendly" and copy encoded AdSense code

  • sign in to your blogger account and go to Layout --> Edit HTML
  • Layout - Edit HTML

  • it is recommended to backup template on your local hard disk before doing any change in edit template box

  • check Expand Widget Templates checkbox

  • now inside Edit Template textbox find:

  • just above <data:post.body/> tag paste the encoded adsense code

  • click button Save Template and you have AdSense unit just below post title in each post on your blogspot blog

  • if you want to add AdSense ad unit on the right side of your post below post title try with this code (this code should be placed above <data:post.body/> tag):
    <div style='float: right;'>