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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Make clickable links and clickable images

How to create clickable links?

Let's first explain what are clickable links.

Clickable link is a text which reference on some web place. So, when clickable link is clicked referenced page is opened. Common term for clickable link is hyperlink.

Example of clickable link:

Some tips for clickable link

When above clickable link is clicked user is redirected to "HTML link code tips" page (

Guide to make scrollable link on web page

<a href="Web address">Here type clickable text</a>
    We have:

  • the <a> that tag defines a clickable link, which is used to link from one page to another

  • href attribute specifies the web address of the page where link lead

Code for above example of clickable link would be:

<a href="">Some tips for clickable link</a>

To better explain making of clickable links there is one more sample with hyperlink inside sentence.

Example of clickable link in setnence:

This link go to Google.

HTML code for scrollable link inside sentence (above example):

This <a href="">link</a> go to Google.

In this example word link is a clickable link while other words in a sentence are not. The word link is enclosed inside <a> and </a> tag.

How to make clickable image in HTML

Clickable image would be an image which will open linked web page when visitor click on this image. It is easy to make such an clickable image.


Clickable image sample

When this image is clicked it will lead you to How to make clickable image tutorial!

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