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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Force google reindex of site

You want to google reindex your web site as soon as possible? In this artcile you can found how google works, how do you know did google indexed your web page, how often does google reindex, how to tell google to (re)index your web page or site.

How google works

Googlebot is a web crawler that finds and crawl web pages. Googlebot sending a request to a web server for a specific web page, downloading the entire page, then handing it off to Google’s indexer. It request many different web pages simultaneously. When Googlebot fetches a web page, it collect all the hyperlinks appearing on the page and adds them to a queue for subsequent crawling. Those hyperlinks are crawled later, and hyperlinks from those pages are collected too. This technique is called deep crawling. Deep crawling allows Googlebot to probe deep within individual web sites.

Googlebot gives the indexer the full text of the web pages it finds. These pages are stored in Google’s index database. When user submit a query to Google Google's index database is used to return best web pages in google's result page.

How to know did Google indexed web page

To check did google (re)index a web page use "site:" search operator:
  • site:[URLOfWebPage]

Examples for checking did google re(index) a web site:

  • this Google query will return all pages on interestingwebs site which are indexed

  • in case you can't find some web page in result list, it can be concluded that this page is not indexed

Examples for checking did google re(index) a web page:
  • site:

    Example of using Google site search operator

  • in case google return result you know web page is indexed

  • with this method you know if page is reindex only if title of web page is changed, for example if I changed title to "HTML code tips" and Google return "Tips for HTML code" I can know that web page is not yet reindexed (yet)

How often does google crawl

It depends on the web page. Some pages be crawled every hour, some pages every day and some pages every few weeks or months. Generally if it is consistently adding new content to web site or page have a lot of backlinks (links pointing to web page) google crawler will probably come back more often. Google don't index sites, Google index pages. So on same site one page can be crawled on daily basis while other on can be crawled once in the month. If you submit sitemaps regularly you can most likely speed up the Google crawling for your site.

Force google to reindex site

You can add your url on Google add url page and wait. When your URL is submitted, it is in google queue and google will index your site when it find appropriate. Unfortunately you can't force Google to crawl your site now and index the content.

Google add url web page


adscan said...

That was very informative, by the way you can get free blog syndicating at

massilia said...

In my opinion, no need to resubmit the page we want to refresh. Just update your sitemap.xml and tell the Google using webmastertools utility. But there is no warranty when Google will update your website.

Anonymous said...

your page title: Force google reindex of site..

your earlier words: to tell google to (re)index your web page or site.

your last words:...Unfortunately you can't force Google to crawl your site now and index the content.

This show how contradict you are. Thinking you are smart ass with the title to attract visitor? Go click your ads yourself !

Shopping online said...

I am still try to get my website now i will try your techniques.

Invitations said...

My site seems to be being reindexed, right now, my rankings are all over the board. How long does this usually take?

Mark said...

It depends on the web page.
Best way is to have link on the site which is crawled regularly.
When your site is crawled once then it is faster.

etudes medecine said...

very informative thanks
but can i use addurl more than one time ?

sohail said...

I think there is no way to re index quickly, it take too time to re index de-indexed

Manga Online said...

i think there is no way to force google to re-index. it is like playing a waiting game. just wait for google make another rounds to your site.

Anonymous said...

In my own experience you just need to wait for the google to index your site just update your sitemap always so that the google bot will always go back to crawl your site. or submit your site here its a free bookmarking site that has a PR 4 i hope this can help you to index your website

richamor said...

Today I submitted a reconsideration issue. I hope it will ends my frustration of being victims of duplicate/spammy website.

David said...

I tried everything but cant seem to index my domain I wonders whats wrong

JIBRAN SEO said...

i am trying my website to reindex after 2 weeks because it was having alot of dummy content
was in development process and now i allow by robots.txt to index it
now as i search with so it does not appear any entry.
may i know what is the problem ?