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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Unfollow twitter user who do not follow you back

How to unfollow twitter users who do not follow me back? Why to follow twitter users who not follow you and how to do it? In main twitter application there is no simple way to find users who do not follow you. You can inspect your twitter users one by one but it is time consuming process. And now you ask yourself what is a simplest way to extract twitter users who do not follow you? In this article you will find answer on this question.

You can get list of twitter followers who abandoned you on your email or find it with help of web twitter application and unfollow them.

Manage twitter users who do not follow me back

Your Twitter Karma - this excellent web application allows you to manage your followers and users who follow you. You can get list of all followers or all users you follow.

For every twitter user there is:

  • user name

  • user image

  • information does user follow you

  • information does you follow user

  • last user activity

Thanks to those information, you can make decision what to do with each user individually. You can check twitter users you want to make some action on them and decide what to do with them.
Possible actions are:

  • Bulk follow - follow all checked twitter users

  • Bulk unfollow - stop follow all checked users

  • Bulk block - block all checked users

Twitter karma

There is web application friendorfollow with similar functionality but in my opinion Your Twitter Karma is far better choice.

Track twitter users who stop follow you back

NutshellMail - allow you to get mail summary for twitter every day (you can chose how often you would like to receive summary).

In this summary you get:

  • New Followers

  • New quitters

  • Send Tweets

  • Direct Messages,Retweets and @Replies

New quitters are twitter users who stop following you. This is the way to actively tracking your twitter account. With NutshellMail you can track and other social services such as facebook and Myspace.

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