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Monday, October 3, 2011

Find DoFollow blog article with high PR

This is search for DoFollow blogs (PR 4 and higher):

This custom Google search make search on over 25 DoFollow blogs in technology niche (blogging, SEO, internet earnings) with high PageRank, PR 4 and higher.

How to use DoFollow finder

Let's say you just write a nice article about methods for increasing number of visitors on blog and want to boost Page Rank of your article. To do that you can go on this page and type some search term connected to written article like "more traffic". When you click Search button you will get a list of result pages. All result pages are from DoFollow blogs with high PR. You can leave comments on result pages and this will have postitive impact on your PageRank.

For those who want to create own custom Google search follow the link.

What is DoFollow blog?

DoFollow link is the opposite of NoFollow - it's a link that can be followed by search engines. DoFollow blog is a blog which have nofollow links in comment section. So when visitors leave comments on DoFollow blog, links to visitors blogs without NoFollow attribute remain in comment section od DoFollow blog. It is important to say that most blogs automatically mark comment links as nofollow, most of blogs are NoFollow. If link is NoFollow there is no PR gain from that link for linked page. Opposite if link is DoFollow (it is not NoFollow) linked page have PR gain from link.


joy said...

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Anonymous said...

Great! Thanks for sharing that, commenting on dofollow blogs can go along way with your seo plans. I actually have a friend at an seo agency that said even though you don't get a backlink from nofollow blogs, that can still help your link juice. Any idea about that?

San Francisco Search Engine Optimization said...

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