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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Check is blog dofollow or nofollow

How to find does blog have dofollow comments or nofollow comments? This article will teach you how to difference dofllow links from nofollow links.

    In this short guide you will find:
  • what is DoFollow and NoFollow
  • recognize DoFollow in Google Chrome
  • find DoFollow links with Internet Explorer
  • know which link are DoFollow in Firefox
  • easiest and best way to make difference between DoFollow and NoFollow links with NoDoFollow add-on

DoFollow and NoFollow difference


NoFollow is an HTML attribute value used to instruct some search engines (like Google) that a hyperlink should not influence the link target's ranking in the search engine's index. Search engine spiders will NOT crawl NoFollow link.

If link is Nofollow then link will not receive any vote and Google Page ranking will stay the same. To learn more about Pagerank visit Google PageRank simple tutorial.

Example NoFollow link:

<a href="" rel="nofollow">DoFollow blog list</a>


DoFollow links will be crawled by search engines and will get PageRank value (so called Google juice) from site.

Example of DoFollow link:

<a href="" >DoFollow blog list</a>

How to know does link is DoFollow on Google Chrome

  • Find hyperlink on web page

  • Google Chrome - find a hyperlink

  • highligh hyperlink

  • click right mouse button and choose Inspect element

  • Right click mouse on highlighted link and chose Inspect element

  • Inspect element box will be opened in which you will see HTML code of link, if it have rel="nofollow" then it is nofollow link, it doesn't it is DoFollow link
  • Inspect element box with link HTML code

Find if link is DoFollow in IE

  • Press F12 to open IE Developer tools

  • in Developer tools click on "Select element by Click", click on link and look in developer tools HTML code for selected link. If in HTML code exists rel="nofollow" then it is nofollow link, if it doesn't exists it is DoFollow link

Determine DoFollow links in Firefox

  • Find link on web page, highlight link, right click on mouse and choose "View Selection source"
  • Find if link is DoFollow in Firefox by using View Selection Source

  • inspect select source HTML code, if in HTML code exists rel="nofollow" then it is NoFollow link, if it doesn't exists we have DoFollow link

Use NoDoFollow add on for Firefox

Most effective and fastest way to determine DoFollow links is to use NoDoFollow add-on for Firefox.

    NoDoFollow is easy to use:
  • In Menu Bar go on Tool menu and check NoDoFollow menu item

  • Menu bar - Tool - NoDoFollow checkbox

  • Now all DoFollow links are colored blue and NoFollow are colored red

  • DoFollow add-on for Firefox in action


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