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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Make a blog plan for next year

New year 2012 is come. It is time to evaluate how my blog is doing in 2011 and to think about actions for improving blog results in next year. In first part of this article I will show some blog statistics in last year and in second part there will be a list of planning blog activity I intend to do in new year.

How successful was 2011

    To better describe 2011 year there will be shown:

  • number of visits per year

  • AdSense blog earning per year

  • traffic source overview

  • a few words about guest posting

Number of visits per year and next year expectation

In the image below is showed number of visits in 2010 and in 2011 year. There is growth of 79 percent for 2010 to 2011 or 42260 new visits. I am satisfied with this result and hope that on the end of 2012 I will get at least 42260 more visit (in this case sum will be 138.876). Or even better if growth will be 79% in 2012 I would have 172.227 visits.

Blog visits per year

AdSense blog earning per year

AdSense earnings in 2010: 11,49$

AdSense earnings in 2011: 112,61$

My AdSense earning raise much more than traffic. While traffic increased about 2 times, AdSense earning raise 10 times. Why?

Well, one reason is that I optimize my AdSense placement and type. In article Increase blog adsense revenue real case scenario you can find more details about my attempts.

Traffic source overview

My main traffic source is Google 89%, and 10% my blog get from direct traffic. In my opinion it is good to get lot traffic from search engines but I believe that my blog can get much more traffic from referring sites and I intend to work on it this year.

Traffic source overview for my blog

Guest posting

In this year my blog reached PageRank 3 for two months and fall again on PageRank 2. In that period I used myblogguest service and get more than 30 guest posts. Unfortunately those guest article bring me very little traffic. In my opinion those guest posts are not bad but are written without proper keyword research and on page optimization techniques.

Blogging plan for this year

In this year I plan to:

  • get more SEO driven traffic to my blog

  • make a blogging tribe as described in article Increase website traffic - tips from the best

  • improve blog structure - plan to make a few main sections pages which will lead to content pages of some topic (section). Something similar to Javascript effects tutorial. Links to those main section pages will be on main page of my blog

  • improve monetization of my blog - plan to try with service. Unfortunately they do not accept blogspot subdomain so I will think about changing domain name

  • prepare exact instructions for guest posting on my blog and put a visible offer for guest posting on my blog

  • try to buy articles with earned money using a site

  • publish some guest posts on A blogs. This is great way to reach audience.


robert said...

hi there, I used my Blog guest as well. I got a few guest blog articles posted on my website and I also joined their premium service. I didn't really find it that useful to truth but there again is a pretty good way to get some good back links but not traffic in my opinion. How did you find their service.

Mark said...

Thanks on commenting Robert, like I said in article those guest blogs from MyBlogGuest bring me small amount of traffic. But I believe that I get more returning visitors, when someone publish on your blog he become connected with your blog at least for some time. In my opinion MyBlogGuest is community and be a member of any community bring you more returning visitors.
And there are some pretty good articles but very rare are keyword optimized.

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