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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Make clickable links and clickable images

How to create clickable links?

Let's first explain what are clickable links.

Clickable link is a text which reference on some web place. So, when clickable link is clicked referenced page is opened. Common term for clickable link is hyperlink.

Example of clickable link:

Some tips for clickable link

When above clickable link is clicked user is redirected to "HTML link code tips" page (

Guide to make scrollable link on web page

<a href="Web address">Here type clickable text</a>
    We have:

  • the <a> that tag defines a clickable link, which is used to link from one page to another

  • href attribute specifies the web address of the page where link lead

Code for above example of clickable link would be:

<a href="">Some tips for clickable link</a>

To better explain making of clickable links there is one more sample with hyperlink inside sentence.

Example of clickable link in setnence:

This link go to Google.

HTML code for scrollable link inside sentence (above example):

This <a href="">link</a> go to Google.

In this example word link is a clickable link while other words in a sentence are not. The word link is enclosed inside <a> and </a> tag.

How to make clickable image in HTML

Clickable image would be an image which will open linked web page when visitor click on this image. It is easy to make such an clickable image.


Clickable image sample

When this image is clicked it will lead you to How to make clickable image tutorial!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Remove blogger navbar

How to remove blogger (blogspot) navbar?

Main reason why people want to remove blogger navbar from their blogspot blogs is that navbar does not fit with their blog design.

In this post you will find short tutorial how to remove blogger navbar.

It is relatively easy to remove it!

You just need to follow steps in this article!

What is blogger navbar

The Blogger Navbar appears by default at the top of every Blogger blog. Take a look at a below image to see how blogger nvabars looks like.

Blogspot NavBar

Steps for removing the Blogger Navigation bar

  • in blogger Dashboard click Template

  • under "Live on Blog" click on button Edit HTML

  • inside "Template › Edit HTML" find:
  • ]]></b:skin>

  • replace this code with:
  • #navbar-iframe,#navbar { display: none !important; }

  • after replacing code you should save template and your blog will be without navbar. And be very careful when edit HTML layout of your blogger blog.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How often Google crawl

You make a new web page and ask yourself when Googe will crawl my new web page (or new blog post)?

Let's try to understand how Google crawl the web.

Google spiders

Google use spiders to crawl the web.

Spiders (also called GoogleBots) are software robots which discovers new and updated web pages and add those pages to the Google index.

Google crawling

When Googlebot (or a Google spider) visit one web site it detects all links on each page of this web site and adds them to its list of pages to crawl.

So Googlebot crawl from one page to another and follow their links. This is how Google crawl almost all pages on the internet.

When Google find some web site it will come back to crawl this site again and reindex it.

How often Google crawl

How often Google will crawl some web site depends on many factors such us PageRank, links to a page...

One of the factors is how often you change your site or add new pages. If changes are happening more frequently then Google will probably crawl your web site more frequently.

If your site or blog is new and is not indexed by google find out how to force google to crawl your web site or blog.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blogger tips for beginners

Here you will find a few links to blogger tips for beginners. Those are tips that every blogger should know.

Tips are primarily for blogspot blog. Learn few basic techniques which will help you to blog better.

Learn how to make and arrange categories in blogger, how to have recent posts in your side bar, expandable summaries, display HTML code in blogger post...

Arrange your posts by categories in blogger

Add categories to the blogger and give your visitors opportunity to view your posts sorted by categories. Accomplish this in a few simple steps.

Posts sorted by categories in blogger

List recent posts in blogspot

You can easily display links to last (recent) five posts on your blog. Or maybee last ten posts.
Don't know how? Read this post, it is easy!

Learn how to display recent posts on your blogspot blog

Expandable post summaries on main blog page

If you want to have post summaries on main blog page which will expand on click on "read more". Read this article to learn how to accomplish it.

Display HTML code in blogger post

Want to write blogger post about HTML code, but HTML code is not properly displayed in your blog post.

For example this text will not be displayed correctly:

<h3>I want <h3> tags not heading format</h3>

Follow the link and you will find guide how to display HTML code in your blog posts!

Make google search for your blog

Add search capability on your blog with AdSense for Search. Allow your visitors to search content of your site in a Google like manner and try to earn some money.

Add Google search box in your blog which search your blog only

How to add java script in your blogger post

You need to add some cool javascript functionality inside blogspot post but do not know how? Here is a short tutorial how to do this.

Increase visits with title change

Short guide to change title structure in blogger which have significant impact of SEO performance.

The default title structure is : [Blog title]: [Post title]

The structure : [Post title]: [Blog title] could improve your traffic performance.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Add meta description on blogger post

How to add unique meta description tag to each post post in blogspot (blogger) blog?

If you searching answer on that question this article is right place to find solution. It give simple easy to implement solution.

This article is divided on two parts:

  • what is purpose of meta description tags

  • how to implement meta description tags to every post in blogger


What is Meta Description Tags?

Meta Description Tags are HTML elements used to provide description about a HTML page.

Why Meta Description Tags are important?

It is important because Meta Description Tag content might be used in Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for snippets. So if user find snippet text usable there is better chance he will open your page.

Example of SERP code snippet

Google SERP code snippet sample

We get above code snippet and here is a content of Meta Description tag!

<meta content='This blog have blog tutorial, Javascript and HTML tips (including jQuery).'


Now blogger make it easy to add meta descriptions for each post throug blogspot interface.

Recently it was much harder to accomplish it, you must make a change inside HTML template edit for each post and it was very impractical.

Now it is enough to follow this steps:

  • Inside blogger dashboard click Settings > Search Settings

    Bloggers interface Setting - Search preferences

  • Under Meta tags switch "Enable search description" (to Yes) and type text you want to be meta description for your blog. Of course don't forget to Save changes.

    Blogger meta tags description in blogspot interface

  • Last step is to inside "Edit post interface" find Post settings --> Search Description and type description you want to appear for meta description tag in current post.